Activate : Activate your Lucky Mobile SIM Card Activate : Activate your Lucky Mobile SIM Card

It’s easy to activate your Lucky Mobile service online at All you need is a Lucky Mobile phone, or your own unlocked and compatible phone, and a Lucky Mobile SIM Card.

Activate now

If you need help activating your SIM Card, contact Lucky Mobile.

Activate your Lucky Mobile SIM Card

What you’ll need before you start

  • A Lucky Mobile physical SIM Card or eSIM compatible device.
  • A phone that is compatible with our network. Most phones are!
  • Account information from your current Canadian mobile provider if you are switching to Lucky Mobile and want to keep your Canadian phone number.
  • A Top-Up Card or credit card to make your initial payment.
  • Credit card or bank account information if you wish to sign up for Automatic or Express Top-Up.

Steps to Activate Lucky Mobile SIM Card:

1. Visit the webpage

2. Select the type of SIM in your hand – Physical SIM or e-SIM

3. Now enter the SIM Card Number.

4. Confirm the SIM Card Number by typing it again

5. Press the Continue Button

6. Follow the Instructions and press activate button

7. The SIM will be activated.

SIM Card number located on bottom left of SIM card package

There are three ways to check your account balance:

  1. Access the Lucky Mobile My Account app
  2. Log in to My Account
  3. Dial *LUCKY (*58259) on your phone.

The fastest and easiest way to change your Plan is through the Lucky Mobile My Account app and MyAccount. Your Plan change will be effective on your next Monthly Charge Date.

Service Passes are a one-time, easy and convenient way to control how much you spend when you want to call, text or use data beyond what you subscribe to in your monthly plan. If you try to call, text or use data and your activity is not included in your plan or Add-Ons, we will send you a text message with a link explaining your Service Pass options.

You can buy a Service Pass for calling (Canada-wide or international), texting, and 3G data usage.

Service passes are either $3 or $5, and they expire after 30 days.