Lowe’s Gift Card Balance Check Online

Lowe’s Gift Card Balance Check Online

There are three convenient ways to check your Lowe’s gift card balance:

Gift card scams are becoming more prevalent and are an issue for retailers and their customers. The following is a guide on how to spot gift card scams and report them.

  • The number one rule is that no legitimate business or government agency (IRS, FBI, police, etc.) will ask you to pay specifically with gift cards. Lowe’s Gift Cards can only be used at Lowe’s stores or Lowes.com, so you should never be asked to pay a bill or fine with gift cards.
  • Never provide any gift card numbers over the phone or in an email through unexpected phone calls or unsolicited emails.
  • Fraudsters can contact victims via phone, email, text or social media posts.

Lowe's Gift Card

Common Gift Card Scams 

  • Unpaid Tax or Debt: Fraudsters will pose as a government or financial agency threatening the victim with claims of owed money. The victim is instructed to purchase gift cards and provide the gift card numbers and PINs to pay the debt. Often the victim is threatened with arrest or losing their home.
  • Family Emergency Scam: Fraudsters will convince the victim that a family member is in jail or hurt; sometimes the fraudster even pretends to be the loved one and asks directly for money. The fraudster instructs the victim to purchase gift cards and provide the gift card numbers to help the family member in trouble. Usually this fraud specifically targets the elderly.

Activate your Lowe’s Gift Card

To activate your Lowe’s Gift Card, login into https://www.lowes.com/l/shop/gift-cards or by calling phone number at 1-800-560-7172

Gift cards can be redeemed in any Lowe’s store or online at Lowes.com. You can reload a Lowe’s Gift Card — both standard and e-gift cards — at the customer service desk at any Lowe’s store. Although a Lowe’s Gift Card can be reloaded, no more than $2,000 can be redeemed from a single card in one day.

Lowe’s Gift Cards that have a balance will never expire and are never subject to additional fees. However, gift cards that remain at a $0 balance for 90 days will be deactivated for security purposes and can’t be reloaded or reused.

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