login.yahoo.com/activate on FireStick, Apple, Samsung and Android TV

login.yahoo.com/activate on FireStick, Apple, Samsung and Android TV

Set up a new phone:

  1. Install the Yahoo Mail application.
  2. Open the application and click “Login”.
  3. Enter the user name on the login page, and then click “Continue”.
  4. View the notifications sent to the old phone.
  5. On the new phone, confirm the code and click “Login”.

Can’t use old phone:

Use the computer to send the account key to the alternate email address.

  1. Go to the Yahoo login page.
  2. Enter your email address | click “Next” .
  3. Click “I can’t use this phone” and your backup email will be displayed.
  4. If the email address is correct, please click “OK, please send me the verification code” .

If you no longer use your old phone, please log out of the Yahoo application you are using.

Yahoo account

Set a new phone number:

If you have changed your mobile phone number but continue to use the same mobile phone, please follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your “Account Information” page and click on the existing number.
  2. Click “Add email address or mobile phone number” .
  3. Enter your new phone number.
  4. Click “Add” .
  5. Tap or enter the verification code to confirm.
  6. Click “Verify Phone Number” .

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Enable phone two-step verification

  1. Log in to the “Account Security” page .
  2. Click “Enable Two- Step Verification” next to “Two-Step Verification” .
  3. Click “Get Started” .
  4. Choose “Phone Number” as the two-step verification method.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

The verification tool application will provide a security verification code as the second verification in two-step verification. After entering the password, you need to enter the verification code generated by the verification tool application to log in.

Your Yahoo account is locked

In order to protect the account, the system may temporarily lock the account after multiple failed login attempts. Account will automatically unlock in 12 hours, but you can always use “Sign-in Assistant” immediately restore access .

If you are asked to verify your identity multiple times, our system may detect a threat to your account. When this happens, we may temporarily lock account access to protect your information. The following are possible reasons why the account is repeatedly locked out:

  • Our system has detected that your password is at risk.
  • Your IP address is hidden or constantly changing.
  • Try to log in multiple times in different locations within a short period of time.

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