Legendary Talismans Elden Ring : Legendary Incantations Elden Ring

Legendary Talismans Elden Ring : Legendary Incantations Elden Ring

A talisman is a piece of equipment in Elden Ring that can be used for a variety of purposes, including offence, defence, and utility. It is possible to acquire talismans from enemies, from the loot in chests and from merchants.


Talismans can’t be upgraded, but there are some that are more powerful than others. Although the Great-Arsenal Jar’s is a direct upgrade to the Arsenal Charm, these stronger Talismans are often identifiable by their bolster text (i.e., Talisman Name +1).

Player Trade online allows the use of talismans.

You can equip more talismans by collecting Talisman Pouches.

A select few Bosses must be defeated in order to obtain these:

Three Talisman Pouches are available, allowing for a total of four Talisman slots to be used.

There is no specific order in which Talisman Pouches are awarded:

In Stormhill or Leyndell, Royal Capital, defeat Margit, the Fell Omen, or Morgott, the Omen King.

The Twin Maiden Husks’ shop, after speaking with Finger Reader Enia and after acquiring two Great Runes.

The First Elden Lord (Golden Shade) in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, was defeated.

Legendary Talismans Elden Ring :

I just found a dagger Talisman that boosts your crits. In Volcano manor in the area after the temple of Eiglay there is a room with poison infested zombies, snakey bois and a throne. On the upper level is a room you can only enter with a stonesword key. There will be a lot of cages there which you can use to drop all the way down but before you jump on a cage look underneath you. There is actually a small ledge you can jump on with another hidden passage that will lead you to the talisman.

Hope this helps!

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Found the boltdrake talisman +2.

It’s in farum azula start from the dragon temple altar (the one where you have the boss fight with the two apostles) and just go in the way to the boss fight. When you reach the first pair of flying ruins that you have to go through there is a purple glowing item and that’s where the talisman is.

Found a new charm called Daedicar’s Woe

It simply increases damage taken by the wearer.

Found in Volcano manor after the entire questline is done and you talk to the girl maid after erasing her memory, and then spawning back in. Everyone must be out of the manor.

I really hope we get an FP regen talisman in a DLC unless one is still hiding somewhere out there. They’re giving HP regen back so imo the balance argument is already out the window. For a pure caster to keep it on constantly it is giving up power in combat, but a pure warrior can choose to slap on HP regen and just sit between fights never wasting a flask.

If that’s already an option give patient casters the same choice. Idk i just think using my spells is more fun and they’re so cool in this title. Especially with the much larger scale open world it would go a long way to making a build feel more unique actually using their skills more often. FP regen even as slow as simple infusion was made for so many interesting niche builds in DS3. adding some form of FP regen is honestly the top change id want for this game.

There is a “Magic Scorpion Charm” that you can obtain by progressing Seluvis puppet quest chain.

– After he offers you the option to buy the other puppet, buy it and then talk to him again and he will ask you if you want to partake in a scheme with him (this was after I got the Fingerslayer Blade, so might be linked to that).

– He will ask you to go and find an “Amber Starlight Shard”, which can be found slightly north east from the Altus Highway Junction grace site, in the small circular ravine type looking thing on the map.

– After you return the shard to him, he will reward you with the talisman.