LASU Result Checker : How to Check LASU Semester Results Online

LASU Result Checker : How to Check LASU Semester Results Online

Returning students at Lagos State University, Ojo (LASU) can now view their semester grades online according to the school’s administration. Students returning to the institution should check their grades by following these instructions.

How To Check LASU Semester Results Online.

The institution’s portal allows you to access your test results online. Please keep in mind that results are updated as soon as they are made available. If you check and it isn’t yet available, feel free to come back.


1. Visit to learn more.

2. Click on “FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT” to navigate.

3. To continue, enter your matric number on the new page. Please double-check your matric number entry.

4. Your profile will appear on a new page.

5. For further information about your findings, visit to the check result page and click it.

6. View the results by selecting a session and a semester

7. You have the option to print this document if you so wish.

Please contact the Integrated Data Centre, Lagos State University, Ojo Campus, Lagos, Nigeria with any questions, problems, or challenges you are having with the platform by sending an email to

What if I forgot my matriculation number?

If you’ve forgotten your matriculation number for the Lagos State University (LASU), don’t worry! Here are the steps you can take to retrieve it:

  1. Contact the LASU Administration: Reach out to the university administration or the relevant department. They can assist you in retrieving your matriculation number. You can find their contact details on the LASU official website.
  2. Visit the LASU Registrar’s Office: Visit the Registrar’s Office in person and provide them with your personal details (such as your full name, date of birth, and any other relevant information). They will help you retrieve your matriculation number.
  3. Check Your Admission Letter or Student ID Card: If you have your admission letter or student ID card, your matriculation number should be mentioned there. Look for it in the official documents provided by the university during your admission process.

Remember to keep your matriculation number safe once you retrieve it! If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to seek further assistance from the university staff. 😊🎓

What is the LASU Registrar’s Office contact information?

The Registrar of Lagos State University (LASU) is Mr. Emmanuel Abiodun FANU. You can reach the Registrar’s Office at the following address:

  • Location: Admin Block 2, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Email:

For specific inquiries related to units such as ICT, Bursary, Exams and Records, Audit, and more, you can also use the HELPDESK.

Feel free to contact them if you need any further assistance!

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