ksmart lsgkerala gov in Login for Certificates

ksmart lsgkerala gov in Login for Certificates

K-SMART file management system is similar to the e-Office system. Citizen can apply for a service even without coming to the office through e-File system.

An acknowledgement is generated by which user can track the status of particular application.

SMS and WhatsApp facility are also integrated for communication. Communication from other offices (tapals) are generated as file through counter module. Employees can also create files for internal communications.

Salient features

• Citizen Profile
• Automated workflow for Civil Registrations
• GIS Integrated Platform for Building Permits
• Licensee Management
• EDCR engine for Building Permit
• Adhar Integration
• Video KYC for Marriage Registration
• My Buildings Management
• Tax Management (Tax Assessment – Payments, Appeal etc.)
• Group Pay – Property Tax
• Budget Preparation
• Integrated Workflow
• Duty Delegation
• Service & Post Mapping
• Quick Payment
• Quick Certificates
• WhatsApp Integration
• Know your land feature
• Self-Certification
• SMS Integration

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Birth Registration

Citizens can apply for birth registration and other birth related services like Name inclusion, correction of name and other corrections fully online through K-SMART from anywhere in the world and can download certificates without physical presence in local bodies.

Death Registration

Through K-Smart Citizens can apply for Death registration, name and other corrections, services like non-availability certificate, abandoned death registrations fully online without visiting the local bodies and can download certificates.

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Marriage Registration

Under K-SMART, registration of marriage can be applied for and completed from anywhere in the world. This feature is in tune with the High Court verdict that a marriage under the Special Marriage Act can be registered online. Another highlight of the feature is that the wife and husband can complete the registration from different locations. This will be highly helpful to expatriates. This has been made possible by the introduction of video KYC. This is the first time in the country

Property Tax module

The details of functional service available in Property tax module is provided below

• New Tax Assessment
• Tax Re-assessment
• Pay Building Tax
• Link My Buildings
• Tax Exemption- Ex-service, Area, Functionality
• Tax Exemption Revoke- Ex-service, Area, Functionality
• Vacancy Remission
• Vacancy Remission Revoke
• Intimation of Demolition
• Ownership Change
• Add/Update Building details
• Building Certificates
• Residence Certificate
• PDE Receipt Entry – Employee
• Tax Recovery – Employee – (Revenue recovery, Prosecution)
• Legacy Data Management Module (LDMS) for data correction
• Reports- bulk demand notice, building list, building count, field collection report

K-SMART App (iOS & Android)

KSMART offers both iOS and Android platforms, providing seamless access to its eGovernance services on mobile devices. Through the KSMART mobile app, users can conveniently access a wide range of government services, including online payments, certificate requests, permits, and administrative tasks

The app is designed to offer a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for citizens across different devices and operating systems. With the KSMART mobile app, citizens can experience the convenience of accessing government services anytime, anywhere, enhancing efficiency and transparency in governance processes.

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K-SMART Web Portal

KSMART Web Platform is a comprehensive digital solution aimed at modernising Local Body Governance processes in the State. It integrates various Local Self Government services and initiatives onto a single platform, making them easily accessible to citizens. Through KSMART, citizens can avail services such as online payments, certificates, permits, and other file & administrative functions, fostering efficiency, transparency, and convenience in public service delivery

Software Development for other departments on K-SMART Platform:

1. Kerala Water Authority

2. Construction Workers Welfare Board Cess Module

3. Audit Module

4. Midday Meal Software

5. Software for Kudumbasree

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