KRNL Key : Krnl – Download KRNL for Roblox

KRNL Key : KRNL – Download KRNL for Roblox

1. To check that you have Windows 10 and it’s 64bit

  • Use your eyeballs and 4 braincells to visually inspect the desktop environment, icons, start menu then compare them to images/screenshots online.
  • Type 64bit into the search bar in Windows 10. It should pop up with a suggestion saying “Is my PC 32bit or 64bit”.
    • Click on it and see your Operating System architecture.
  • krnl

3. To check that you have the VC Redists

  1. Go to the “Add or remove programs” section in the Windows 10 settings
  2. Then search for Visual C++ Redistributable
  3. If two programs named along the lines of Visual 2015-2019 x64 and x86 show up that means you have it

4. To check that the .NET package is installed

  1. Run the main krnl executable file
  2. If you are missing the .NET framework Windows will automatically ask you if you want to install it or not
  3. Click yes if prompted.

5. To check that the webclient version of Roblox is installed/install it.

  1. Uninstall the Microsoft Store version of Roblox if you have it
  2. Install the web version from the roblox website. Link is in the Requirements above

Download KRNL by Clicking Here

KRNL has the most efficient Roblox exploit script performance of any of the known Roblox exploits. KRNL is a remarkably stable exploit and rarely crashes. This KRNL was created by Ice Bear, a brand known for creating only trustworthy cheats in the past. KRNL complete drawing and debugging libraries KRNL also makes possible, via super-compact scripts like Owl Hub, some extremely advanced features, including functions that are fairly remarkable. KRNL is rolling out features that were previously offered only to paying customers to everyone for free.

Antivirus blocking downloading/running KRNL

Why this happens

  • Antiviruses usually mistake Roblox exploits as viruses due to their nature. Most if not all modern Roblox exploits work by injecting some sort of dll file into Roblox and running Lua code (Scripts) in the environment it creates.
  • But heres the catch: Dll injection isnt just used by game cheats. They are also used by malware. Due to this antivirus try to quarantine/delete all dll injectors they detect without actually knowing what if they are safe or not. You will usually see antivirus calling most exploits including krnl a Cryptinject.msr trojan because of this.
  • “But then how can you prove Krnl isn’t malware?” you might ask. User trust and safety is priority at Krnl, due to this the only hidden/protected part of the Krnl client is the dll that is injected into Roblox(This being krnl.dll). Other than the dll Krnl client is completely unobfuscated/unprotected. Both the Krnl bootstrapper and krnl itself’s code is completely readable using a .NET decompiler like dnSpy or DotPeek (or even just a text editor like notepad for the node js bootstrapper). This means that you yes you can look at the code that runs the Krnl client. Here are the links to both the bootstrapper and the main executable files source code.