Kidstream Activate : How to Watch Kidstream Channel on Roku

Kidstream Activate : How to Watch Kidstream Channel on Roku

TRY KIDSTREAM FREE TODAY! Kidstream is a unique kids’ on-demand channel featuring a carefully curated selection of award-winning shows such as LazyTown, The Wiggles, Space Kids, Science Max!, Zerby Derby, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, Earth to Luna, Molang, and MANY more. With a Kidstream subscription you get access to hundreds of episodes of internationally acclaimed shows, with NO COMMERCIALS (phew!)


– FREE trial with unlimited access to tons of award-winning shows for kids of all ages

– 100% commercial-free!

– Shows that spark imagination and tap into a variety of interests, such as education, science, arts and crafts, dance, music, sports, adventure, problem solving and social + emotional learning

– Genuinely “good” shows for kids that are enjoyable for parents as well


Named one of the “Top 5 New Roku Channels” in 2020 (Cord Cutters News), Kidstream’s Common Sense Media score is among the best for kids TV networks and streaming channels, so you can feel positive about your child’s screen-time. In addition to being a safe and ad-free space with top quality shows, Kidstream prioritizes offering unique, independent content that fosters curiosity, creativity, originality, and independence in kids. Kidstream shows have strong values, are non-violence and include wonderful titles from creators with heart and experience entertaining and educating kids. Subscribe today for your FREE trial and start your family’s Kidstream adventure today!

How to Watch Kidstream NETWORK on Roku

Watching Kidstream NETWORK on Roku is quite simple. Read and follow the below-given instructions carefully.

  1. To start with, check whether you have firm internet connectivity.

  2. Then perform the hardware setup of your Roku streaming player.

  3. Check whether the cables you use are in good condition.

  4. On completion of the setup, connect your Roku to the internet.

  5. Refer and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

  6. After connecting activate your Roku by linking your Roku device and your account.

  7. Next go to the Roku home screen.

  8. Now, in the Roku channel store, search for the Kidstream channel.

  9. Select it and click download.

  10. After the download is over, visit “My Channels”.

  11. You will find the Kidstream channel on the bottom of the channel list.

  12. Click the channel.

  13. Create an account for the channel and install the channel.

  14. Now launch the channel.

  15. Finally activate the channel by visiting the activate page.

(Note: Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.)

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