Khajane II Portal https // Login Challan Generation and Payment

Khajane II Portal https // Login Challan Generation and Payment

Here are the details for accessing the Khajane II portal in Karnataka:

  1. Khajane II Website: Visit the Khajane II Website and click on the “Click Here To Login” button.
  2. Login Credentials: Enter your valid Username and Password, then click the “Sign In” button to log in.

Additionally, if you’re interested in e-payment services related to commercial taxes, you can explore the e-Payment System provided by the Commercial Taxes Department.

Remember to keep your password secure by using a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out for further assistance! 😊

  • e-Payment has been integrated with Khajane-II payment portal.
  • Now, Tax payers can make e-Payment for many of the tax categories of Commercial Taxes Department as shown.
  • Tax payers can use the ‘Verify e-payment’ option in case the transaction is not shown as successful but payment has happened at the bank side.
  • Tax payers can print the Challan using ‘Print e-Challan’ option.

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What services can I access through Khajane II?

The Khajane II portal in Karnataka provides several services related to government finances and treasury management. Here are some key features:

  1. Budget Management: Access budget-related information, allocations, and expenditure details for various government departments.
  2. Treasury Operations: Perform transactions related to government funds, including receipts, payments, and reconciliation.
  3. Employee Salary Management: View and manage salary details of government employees.
  4. Pension Disbursement: Process pension payments for retired government employees.
  5. e-Stamping: Generate and verify e-stamps for various legal and financial transactions.
  6. e-GRAS (Government Receipt Accounting System): Make online payments for taxes, fees, and other government dues.
  7. e-Kuber Integration: Interact with the Reserve Bank of India’s e-Kuber system for efficient fund management.

Remember to explore the portal further to discover additional services and functionalities.


Procedure to get receipt/acknowledgement for Labour license

IF you paid License Fee and Security Deposit Fee , verify the both the payment.

Go to VERIFY PAYMENT enter your License Fee LD number that starts with (LD09220230xxxxxxxx) and your mobile number and click Verify Details and verify the same for Security Deposit Fee LD number that starts with (LD0922844xxxxxxxxx), again complete the verification with License Fee .

To get a Receipt/Acknowledgement

Go to RECEIPT RE-PRINT enter your License fee LD number and Mobile Number and click View Details to get your receipt.

Verification has to be done by applicant then only the receipt & application status will come verify your payment in khajane-ii portal here is the link

Once the applicant has paid SECURITY DEPOSIT FEE ,if the payment is SUCCESS Verify both the payment as mentioned above and get the receipt Incase if the khajane portal is getting slow means your payment goes to PENDING or FAILURE.


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