kayo sports.com.au/connect Code Activation Login

kayo sports.com.au/connect Code Activation Login

To activate Kayo on your TV, follow these steps:

1. Activate via Web Browser:

    • Open the Kayo app on your compatible TV.
    • Select “Sign In.” You’ll see a code displayed on your TV screen.
    • Using another device (like a smartphone or laptop), visit this link and enter the code from your TV screen.
    • Confirm your 8-digit code and enter your login details. You’ll be signed in automatically.

2. Activate via QR Code (if available):

    • Open the Kayo app on your TV.
    • Select “Sign In.” If a QR code appears on your screen, use your smartphone or tablet’s camera to scan it.
    • Tap the pop-up notification that appears, which will direct you to this page.
    • The 8-digit code from your TV will be pre-populated on your device. Confirm it and enter your login details.

Enjoy streaming over 50 sports live and on-demand with Kayo! 📺🎉

For more information, visit the official Kayo Sports website. They also provide step-by-step connection guides for various devices, ensuring a smooth setup process. If you’re new to Kayo, start your free trial today on kayosports.com.au. 😊🏆

activate Kayo Sports on your TV

How much does a Kayo subscription cost?

Kayo Sports offers two flexible subscription options:

1. Kayo One Plan: This plan costs $25 per month.

2. Kayo Basic Plan: For a slightly higher price of $35 per month, you can enjoy the Basic Plan.

Keep in mind that there’s no lock-in contract, so you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, it’s worth noting that Kayo is one of the pricier streaming services, especially when compared to services like Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus. 📺💡

How do I access my Kayo account?

The easiest way to login is using the mobile number linked to your account. To login with your mobile number: Select Sign In. Enter the mobile number linked to your account (starting with 04).

How to use Kayo for free?

A 7-day free trial is available for new customers. Signing up to Kayo Sports will take you no more than a couple of minutes. Simply head over to Kayo’s official website.

Can I get Kayo on my smart TV?

Although Kayo is only compatible with a subset of smart TVs, setting it up is very similar across all of them. You can search for the Kayo app in the app store that comes with your TV. After that, launch the Kayo app and hit the “Sign In” button.

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