Karnataka Lockdown Latest News : Karnataka Lockdown Extended Till June 14

Lockdown Extension in Karnataka

The lockdown, according to health experts on the state Covid council, should last at least another week because the positive rate in the state is still hovering at 15%.


Karnataka’s lockdown has been prolonged until June 14 as the epidemic spreads to rural areas and positive and death rates remain high.

Karnataka Lockdown Latest News

The administration is unlikely to relax limitations on intra- and inter-district movement, according to sources. Daily basics purchase hours are also expected to stay the same, from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., while there is demand to extend the hours until 2 p.m.

The chief minister and a few senior ministers were in favour of unlocking the lockdown in stages after June 7, citing the fact that Covid cases have declined by approximately 65 percent since their high in the first week of May.

However, health experts on the state Covid panel believe the lockdown should be extended for at least another week because the positive rate in the state remains around 15%, according to a minister who attended the meeting, as published by the Times of India.

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In its report to the government, the state’s Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee stated that the positive rate must decrease below 5% and the number of daily cases must decrease below 5,000 before limitations on movement and activity can be lifted.

Karnataka Lockdown

Over the previous 61 days, 7.2 lakh Covid-19 instances and 8,716 deaths have been reported in Bengaluru, with specialists urging caution as the state braces for yet another wave.

Bengaluru saw a spike in instances in August and September 2020, after the curfew was removed. There are concerns that migrant labourers who left the city due to the lockdown would return, causing a new wave of diseases.

On Saturday, Yediyurappa stated that extending the lockdown would be unnecessary if the public cooperated and the number of Covid-19 cases decreased.

Lockdown Extension in Karnataka

The state administration had first announced a 14-day shutdown beginning April 27, but when the number of cases grew, it ordered a complete lockdown from May 10 to May 24. It was extended till June 7 due to the success of the lockdown and expert guidance.

State Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said earlier in the day that the lockdown could be prolonged till June 30 in response to a directive from the Centre, and that the Chief Minister would make a decision after meeting with his ministers.

“The positive rate hasn’t gone down fully; it needs to fall below 10%, and the cases in rural regions are about 22,000-23,000; it needs to go below 10,000, and even the number of deaths must go down; only then will we be able to manage the health infrastructure,” he stated.