K12 Payment Center Login : Online School Payments for K-12

K12 Payment Center Login : Online School Payments for K-12

Your school district is offering K12 Payment Center to allow parents such as yourself to easily and conveniently make payments on your child’s meal account (and if they choose, school fees) from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This will save you time from having to come into school to make these payments and it also cuts down on the need for cash or checks which can get lost in the process. It is not a requirement for you to use the system but it offers you another option to make payment quickly and easily.


Other benefits include free access to your child’s meal history online, ability to transfer funds from one child’s meal account, and get notification of low balances and new school fees.

What is my child’s Student Number?

Answer: The Student Number is a unique number assigned by your school district office. (It is usually not the same as the 3 or 4-digit lunch number that is used in the cafeteria.) It is usually printed on report cards and correspondence that you receive from the school. Please contact your district office if you do not know what number to use.

Question: Why do I not see my district name listed under Participating Schools?

Answer: If your district name is not listed under the Participating Schools page, then they have not signed up with Education Management Systems, Inc. to participate in K12 Payment Center. Please encourage them to contact us. If you district is new to us it is possible they are still in process of getting setup and will show up shortly. Please verify with your district that they are using K12 Payment Center.

Question: What if my student’s school is not listed?

Answer: If your student’s school is not listed in the dropdown box you will need to check with your school district directly. They will be able to tell you if the school will be added to our program.

Question: What if I forget my user name or password?

Answer: Click on “Forgot Login Info?” on the Login screen. Send us your registered e-mail address and we will send you a return e-mail with your information.

Question: What if I can’t remember what e-mail address I used or it is no longer available?

Answer: Contact your school district administrator and they will assist you.

How does LINQ Payments work?

You can start making school payments from any device in just a few minutes. First, sign up and set your password online by clicking the Sign Up Free button anywhere on this site. Next, simply add your student(s) to your account and then select your desired form of payment and add funds. Plus you will be directed through each step of the signup process.

How do I transfer money between my students’ accounts?

As long as your students are not assigned to a family account, you may transfer money from one account to another. To do this, select Transfer Funds from the navigation pane on the left. Select the student you wish to transfer money from and the student you wish to transfer money to. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and click Add Transfer.
Please note, you cannot transfer more money than is available on the student’s account you are transferring money from.

Why can’t I see the balance / meal history on my child’s account?

Answer: If your student hasn’t made a purchase in the cafeteria in a while, the account will go dormant, generally after about 90 days. Once they make a purchase again it will “reactivate” and you will be able to see everything. The money/balance is still there, it’s just not showing up on K12PaymentCenter due to inactivity. The child nutrition office at your school should be able to verify that the funds are still there. Alternatively, if you are just registering, it may take several hours for our system to sync with the school district. Once this has completed, you will see balance and history.

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