Japan Wireless Pocket Wifi | Reviews, SIM Card, Coupon Code

Japan Wireless Pocket Wifi | Reviews, SIM Card, Coupon Code

When traveling to Japan, it’s important to stay connected with family and friends, or keep up with work and other obligations. A Pocket WiFi is a portable internet router, similar to a modem or a standard router used in the home, which allows you to create a free secure and private WiFi network.

Free and reliable internet access can be difficult to find in Japan, so if you want a steady connection 24/7, using a Pocket WiFi, SIM card or eSIM is essential. If you want to have fast internet access throughout your trip, renting a Pocket WiFi is a great solution.

With a Pocket WiFi you can connect to the internet wherever you are in Japan. One of its unique advantages is the possibility to connect multiple devices at the same time, allowing you and your travel companions to get the most out of your internet access!


• Unlimited data from US $3.8/day

• Same Day Delivery to Airport or Hotel in Japan

• 2-hour pre-orders available

• eSIM available from $1.2/day

Pocket WiFi

What’s Inside your rental WiFi Package?

Your rental pocket WiFi package comes with the following items at no extra charge. Easy English explanation manual on how to set-up the pocket WiFi device is included.

1. Pocket Wi-Fi Router unit
2. Power Bank
3. USB cable and AC adapter (plug-in)
4. Pre-paid and self-addressed return envelope
5. Travel Pouch

Rental Steps

1. Order and Pay

Please place your order for a pocket WiFi before your trip to Japan. Make the payment to confirm your order.

2. Delivery

Your order will arrive at your designated destination in Japan prior to your rental start date.

3. Get connected

After an easy set up, enjoy the pocket WiFi with the Unlimited Internet during your stay in Japan!

4. Return by mail

Easily return your rental pocket wifi at any postbox in Japan. Prepaid return envelope is included.

What is a Pocket Wifi? 

A Pocket WiFi is a portable internet router, similar to a modem or a standard router used in the home, which allows you to create a free secure and private WiFi network.

A Pocket WiFi device is portable and convenient to carry around and use, thanks to its light weight and long battery life: it fits easily into a pocket or bag. It provides you with high-speed internet access in most places in Japan, even in the remote countryside. This means you can stay connected while exploring the city, visiting tourist attractions, or traveling on public transport without having to rely on public wifi networks, which can be unreliable or hard to connect to.

Why rent a Pocket WiFi in Japan?

When traveling to Japan, it’s important to stay connected with family and friends, or keep up with work and other obligations. A Pocket WiFi is one of the best accessories for any visitor to Japan, either on a leisure or business trip, simply because you’ll have access to at least 3GB of data per day with 4G speed anywhere while traveling across the country.

Japan has some of the world’s fastest and most reliable mobile networks, making it easy to stay connected and make voice calls. However, WiFi access is not as common as in some other countries, even in Tokyo city or a International Airports, and its speed can be highly dependent on the number of people connected to a hotspot. If you want to stay connected 24/7 during your trip and avoid expensive roaming fees, our Pocket WiFi is the perfect solution.

A Pocket WiFi lets you communicate with friends and family back home, use online maps to navigate, research attractions and restaurants, and even translate Japanese text or have real-time conversations using translation apps on your mobile device. Having easy access to high-speed internet makes your travel experience much smoother and more enjoyable.

Having a connected mobile device can also be crucial in case of emergencies, or if you need to access important travel information quickly. A Pocket WiFi ensures that you can reach emergency services, contact your embassy, or find your way back to your accommodation if you get lost.

Why use Prepaid SIM?

Convenient for travelers

Easy for accessing the internet during your trip or short-term stay in Japan. Simply choose a SIM card that suits your needs, and you’re ready to go.

No extra device

Since the SIM card is integrated into your phone and compatible with most devices, you won’t forget it.

Option for every budg

You won’t pay more than your initial purchase. Activation is a fast and breezy.

Do I need to activate or do something before using the Prepaid SIM card?

No activation is needed from your end. Pre-activated SIM cards will be sent to you, just check APN settings using the instruction manual provided.

How do I count my rental days?

Our rental days counting is based on the calendar days.
Your rental starts from the 0:00 of your pick-up date regardless of the actual pick-up time or device activation. If your pick-up is on the January 1st at 17:00 and return-package dropped-off (drop into a postbox) time is on the January 5th at 13:00, this rental term is counted as 5 days.

Prep time for dropping the return package is offered until the 12:00 of next day of your rental end date. With above-quoted rental model, keep using your rental items until the 12:00 of the January 6th is available.


Currently, I’m comparing between Ninja pocket wifi and Japan Wireless pocket wifi. Any advice/experience with it is much appreciated!

  1. Ninja pocket wifi has a plan that allows you to use up to 5 or 10GB of high speed data per day. However, it is slightly on the costlier side.
  2. Japan wireless pocket wifi states that it has unlimited data without speed restrictions on their website (l’m not sure how true this is). This is cheaper than the ninja pocket wifi. Thus, if there is really no speed restrictions, would most likely go for this.

What are the advantages of Pocket Wifi?

  • Rental period from 5 consecutive days to 45 days (extension possible)
  • 4G high-speed internet connection
  • After reaching 3 Gigabytes a day, the wifi speed will be slowed down until the end of the day.
  • Delivery in Japan to your hotel or upon arrival at the airport
  • Compatible with all devices that can connect via WiFi: iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, PC and Mac laptops, cameras and other portable consoles
  • Possibility to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Lightweight and with a long battery life
  • Cancellable and refundable up to one week before the start of the rental

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