Indian Idol 12 Elimination List | Ashish Kulkarni dropped from Indian Idol 12 competition, ‘He’ will be the top 6 contestant!

Indian Idol 12 Elimination List

Ashish Kulkarni, a competitor and vocalist on Sony TV’s singing reality show Indian Idol 12, has been eliminated. Due to low ratings, Ashish was unable to reach the show’s top six. Anu Malik stated after the presentation in Asha Bhosale Special Area that the people had made the decision this time. The top seven contenders were called to the stage after their announcement. First and foremost, the show’s examiner, Anu Malik, announced the contestants who received the highest votes (Indian Idol 12 Contestant Ashish Kulkarni eliminated).


‘Contestant, the people’s decision is in my hands,’ Anu Malik remarked. Arunita Kanjilal was the competitor that received the most votes. Anu Malik informed Arunita that the public had given her the most votes, and that she would be safe this week. She was escorted back to the safe zone. Following Arunita’s name, the name of the candidate who was eliminated due to a low number of votes was revealed.

The adventure of Ashish Kulkarni has come to an end!

Indian Idol 12

On stage, it was announced that Ashish Kulkarni had received the least amount of votes based on the audience’s judgement. Ashish’s journey to Indian Idol came to an end at this point. Shanmukhapriya, Ashish’s alleged sister, burst into tears when she learned that he had departed the show. This time, the video screen displayed some of Ashish’s favourite moments from the show. Talented contenders like Anjali Gaikwad and Sawai Bhat had to leave the show before Ashish.

These are the competition’s top six competitors.

After Ashish Kulkarni stepped out of the competition, the top six contenders remain in this singing reality programme. Uttarakhand’s Pawandeep Rajan, Maharashtra’s Sayli Kamble, Bangalore’s Nihal, Hyderabad’s Shanmukhpriya, Kolkata’s Arunita Kanjilal, and Uttar Pradesh’s Danish The top six contestants on this programme are (Danish Khan from Uttar Pradesh). This means that in the big finale, one of them will take home the Indian Idol 12 trophy.

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