IDPH Vax Verify: How do I access the IDPH Vax Verify portal

IDPH Vax Verify: How do I access the IDPH Vax Verify portal

You can access your immunization records by visiting the Vax Verify portal. The first step for registering is to provide some basic information about yourself.


Each user account MUST have a unique email address. If you see an error message that an account already exists, it’s saying that the email address is already in use.

We recommend you click the Log-in button on the homepage and try logging in again. If you cannot remember your password, click “Need Help Signing In?” and from there, click Forgot Password for options to reset your password.

Access your official immunization records with Vax Verify

Take these four steps to view your immunization history.

Register Yourself

Enter the name and address you use with your primary care provider. Take the time to get your information correct. The information you give during registration will be used for Identity Verification. Identity Verification helps keep your data safe and private. It also links to the IDPH I-CARE system to pull your Immunization data. We recommend using the same legal name and current address you gave your healthcare provider.

Account Activation

Click the link in the registration email (check your spam folder). Complete password setup process.

After you complete your registration, you’ll receive an email to start the Account Activation (check your spam folder if you do not see the email). During the Account Activation, you will set your password and setup your Forgot Password and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) options.

The Multifactor Authentication (MFA) setup establishes another way to confirm you are logging into the application. The application supports multiple options to verify identification, including SMS (text message), Phone (Voice Call), and other options.

Identity Verification

Proceed by answering questions to verify your identity. See FAQs for Experian identity verification details.

Once you have completed the Account Activation, you will be prompted to accept the application’s Terms of Service and then provide consent for Identify Verification. Due to regulations and the need to keep your immunization data private, the Vax Verify portal uses an Experian Identity Verification process during the initial Account Activation to confirm your identity.

Experian uses the data you provided during Registration and SSN (optional) to establish your identity within Experian. Once Experian initially identifies you, you will need to answer three questions that only you can answer.

View Immunizations

See your immunization records. Print, download, and get your COVID SMART Health card!

View Immunizations

Vax Verify connects a resident to their Immunization data using a match on your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth (DOB), and Address provided during Registration as well as what is returned from Experian. This includes being able to view the records of minors. The submission of Immunization data to IDPH is a voluntary process on behalf of healthcare providers. However, COVID vaccinations administered in Illinois should be entered into I-CARE by the provider.

You can print and download your SMART health card to use as COVID vaccination verification to businesses, venues, restaurants as required.

Some Immunizations are missing 

If administered in Illinois, COVID vaccinations should be entered into I-CARE by the provider. However, your records might be incomplete if:

  •  The provider delayed entering the vaccine information
  • There was an issue transmitting the data to IDPH electronically
  • The name/address/DOB submitted were different from the first dose to the second dose.

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