Humana Spending Account Card 2024 : Humana Access Spending Accounts

Humana Spending Account Card 2024: Humana Access Spending Accounts

Once you receive your Humana Spending Account Card in the mail, you must activate it online at Healthy Benefits Plus™ or by calling 855-256-4620 (TTY: 711). For questions about how to use your card, call the member help line at 855-396-0691 (TTY: 711).

How to activate Humana Spending Account card

Humana’s single spending account card makes it easy for members to activate and use their available allowances all year long. Discover how simple we’ve made it.

3 ways to activate

How to shop We know different members prefer different technologies. That’s why we’ve made it easy for members to activate their spending account cards using the method they prefer.




Search for Healthy Benefits+. Using their Healthy Benefits+ mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.


Call 855-396-0691 (TTY: 711).

Paying bills and putting healthy food on the table can be challenging. That’s why some Humana Medicare Advantage plans offer allowances to help pay for things like approved foods, over-the counter (OTC) items, out-of-pocket healthcare costs for covered dental, hearing and vision care—and now even utility bills, rent or mortgage payments. These allowance types and amounts vary by plan and location.

Humana Healthy Options, OTC and Flex allowances are now accessed through the Humana Spending Account Card

If your Humana Medicare Advantage plan includes a Humana Healthy Options allowance, an OTC or Flex allowance, it’s easy to buy the things you need. The new Humana Spending Account Card can hold up to 3 separate allowances on 1 easy-to-manage Visa® debit card. It replaces previous allowance cards, including the Healthy Foods card, Over-the-Counter (OTC) card and the Flex card.

Any allowances you’re eligible for through your Humana plan are automatically added to your Humana Spending Account Card and available to use according to your plan.

Humana Spending Account Card overview

The Humana Spending Account Card, available on select plans for those with qualifying criteria, puts human care in action. We listened to members to discover what they struggled with. Then we got to work to make the card simple, personal and caring.

Here’s how.

• Simple: We combined up to 3 allowances in a single card.

• Personal: We empowered members with the freedom and flexibility to use their allowance(s) how and when it works for them.

• Caring: We offer allowance ranges that can make a real difference in someone’s life

PRO TIP: Members can check their balance any time through the Healthy Benefits+ mobile app , which is the easiest, most convenient way to manage their card

Humana Spending Account Card Benefit

Shopping with your Humana Spending Account Card

For essentials like groceries, OTC products, home and personal supplies, use your card at participating retailers. For covered services such as rent and utilities, use it anywhere Visa is accepted.* You can also use your card to make payments for services like pest control or non-medical transportation if they accept Visa payments. If your plan includes a Flex allowance, you can use your card at your doctor’s office for copays.

Other options for using your card include:

  • In-store: Pay your eligible utility bills at your local Walmart Customer Service desk or money center.
  • Online: Sign up at and click on “Bill Pay”
  • By phone: To pay a utility bill, have your bill handy and call Healthy Benefits Plus at 855-396-0691 (TTY: 711).

The Healthy Options allowance helps members pay for essential living expenses like eligible groceries, over-the-counter (OTC) products, utilities, rent, pet care and more to help them feel their best. This allowance replaces the Healthy Foods Card. It gives members more freedom and flexibility to spend their allowance. Now they can pay for the things that matter most to their health and wellness.