: Try Experimental New YouTube Features : Try Experimental New YouTube Features

For a limited time, eligible YouTube Premium members can try out new features that we’re working on, including AI experiments. Share your feedback to help us build a better YouTube. Your account is limited to one active experiment at a time.

Redesigned watch page

Discover an improved viewing experience on YouTube with our redesigned desktop watch page. How to use: Open YouTube in your web browser. You’ll discover a new way to watch videos that not only makes it easier to find related content but also enhances your ability to engage with comments.

Only available on desktop web.

youtube new

Give your feedback, get rewarded

We want to know your thoughts about YouTube and other Google products so that we can keep improving them. Sign up to give feedback. If a study is a good fit for your profile, you’ll receive a follow-up questionnaire and details about what the study involves, including next steps and location. After completing the study, you’ll get a gift card as a thank you for your time.

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