https //www.testwise/platform/code : How do I access the new Testwise site?

https //www.testwise/platform/code : How do I access the new Testwise site?

Please note that students must access testwise through the above URL, so when entering in access codes they should visit The updated version of Testwise exists on a different URL:

You will find all assessments, except Exact, on this URL. If you wish to test with Exact, please head to 

You will need to change your password the first time you use the new version of Testwise. To change your password, go to the login page and click the option labelled “Forgotten Password.”

You will find all assessments, except Exact, on If you wish to test with Exact you should continue to use the original URL: Please note that all access codes generated from the 13 December will have the new URL for pupils to follow. Codes generated before this date will still work, but only on the new URL. Please make test administrators aware of this before entering any student access code developed before 13 December.

What is a HTML / Interactive report?

HTML or interactive reporting is one of the new features on our Testwise online platform. Interactive reporting makes it easier for more staff in the school to access customized data that is meaningful to them and the students they teach. For example, you will now be able to create dynamic and customizable reports instantly, rather than having to create and share static PDF reports.

Currently, these reports are available for the Independent Student Report for Teachers (ISRT) and the Group Report for Teachers (GRT) reports. They are available for all assessments with the exception of Progress Test English (PTE), Progress Test Science (PTS), the New Group Reading Test (NGRT), and the Dyslexia Screeners. These should be available during the early part of 2022.

Saving you time

1. Setting up a sitting

We’ve simplified how you set up a sitting so now all the information you need to fill in is on one, easy-to-complete page.

2. Accessing your reports

We’ve streamlined the reporting section, enabling you to quickly run new reports or Excel requests and view past data all in one area, bespoke to you. You can easily choose between a standard report or combination report (if you have more than one compatible assessment).

3. Choosing the filters that are right for your school

Flexible date range selector

Reports are no longer divided by academic year, meaning that you will be able to run historical reports at any time. So if a teacher or a parent asks to see a student’s CAT4 report from 2018, for example, you can deliver it within minutes

Personalised filters

We know that every school is different, so we don’t want to take a one size fits all approach on Testwise. That’s why, when you create a report, you will now see filters which are applicable to you and your students. Using these filters, you will then be able to create bespoke reports for different groups of students in your school.