: How to apply for Issue of patta copy/ Settlement extract Puducherry? : How to apply for Issue of patta copy/ Settlement extract Puducherry?

Patta Copy / Settlement Extract from Puducherry


For the issue of a patta copy / settlement extract, the applicant can fill out an application e-form.

What is the procedure for applying?

The applicant who wishes to apply for a patta copy or a settlement extract must complete and submit the e-form. In the application, he or she must state the truth. To use the application, follow the steps below.
** On the portal, go to Services and Forms.

** Select the Department of Revenue.

** A list of all services offered by the department will appear. Click one of the links under Action, depending on the manner of submission.

** You will receive an acknowledgement letter with a unique acknowledgment number.

** The applicant can monitor the status of the application on the state portal using the unique registration number.

** Once the status is complete, the user must meet with the appropriate department person and present the needed original documents in order to receive the certificate.

Criteria for Eligibility

Property Owners and their Successors

Documents to Complement

The relevant documents listed below must be submitted in addition to the e-form. The maximum file size should not exceed 2MB.

Please enclose a scanned copy of:

** Deed of Sale

** Design.

** Deed of General Power.

** Deed of Partition.

** Partition in conjunction with a Release Deed.

** Copy of Patta / Settlement (for patta transfer).

** Any other documentation that may be requested.

** Photograph of the Applicant


1. What is a State Portal, and how does it work?

The State Portal will serve as the government’s electronic face. It will serve as a single point of contact for all government information, as well as a single window interface for all transactional government services for citizens, businesses, and people from other countries. All State Portals are expected to have a comparable user experience and provide similar functions. However, portal functionality may differ slightly from state to state.

2. Is there an e-mail address where I can send questions about the State Portal? [AT] pyportal.pon

3. Is there an e-mail address where departmental inquiries can be sent?

Departmental inquiries should be directed to the Departmental e-Mail IDs listed in the ‘e-Mail Contacts’ section of the ‘Contacts’ section.

4. Who was responsible for the creation of the State Portal?

M/s. The State Portal was designed by Infosys Ltd., the State Portal’s Implementing Agency. The STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) Directorate of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India, tested the State Portal before to its launch. India’s

5. Who is in charge of the State Portal’s content?

The content update efforts in the State Portal of the Government of Puducherry are managed by a team of officials from the Directorate of Information Technology, Puducherry.

6. What is the Puducherry government’s nodal agency for the State Portal project?

The Nodal Agency for the State Portal project is the Puducherry e-Governance Society, which is a government of Puducherry undertaking under the Directorate of Information Technology.

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