https // code : PhotoView for Google Photos Link Code

https // code : PhotoView for Google Photos Link Code

View your Google Photo Albums at the touch of a button! Link your Roku device to multiple Google accounts, allowing for playback of your albums for years to come. Built in screensavers let you stream your photos while your Roku device is not active.

Link Roku Device


Connecting to Google Photos will provide the PhotoView application with the following permission:

Visit to link the device.

“View your Google Photos library” – Required to view your photos.

The PhotoView ROKU application will never make any changes to your albums. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional details.

PhotoView for Google Photos screenshot

1.) How do I enable the screensaver?

A built in screensaver allows you to enjoy your photos while your TV is idle. From the Roku home menu:

  1. Scroll to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Theme’
  3. Select ‘Screensavers’
  4. Select the PhotoView channel

Additional customizations can be made in the ‘Change screensaver settings’ menu.

2.) How do I select specific albums on the screensaver?

  1. Navigate to ‘Change screensaver settings’ menu. (See above)
  2. Scroll down to ‘Select Linked User and Albums
  3. Select the user to pull albums from
  4. Hit ‘Right Arrow’ and select the albums after list has populated.

3.) How do a display videos on the screensaver?

Unfortunately Roku does not support videos to be displayed as a screensaver.

4.) Why are images not showing in full UHD?

As of now, while Roku does support 4K videos, it only supports “image” displays of up to 1080p (FHD) resolution. Due to this, if UHD is selected, you will likely not see full 4K quality. This option is still provided as it often shows a clearer quality image, Roku just down sizes them to 1080p. Hopefully this changes with a future Roku OS upgrade.

5.) Why is there a timeout on slideshows?

Google Photos imposes a global limit on the number of items that can be downloaded in a 24-hour period within the PhotoView app. This limit collectively applies to all users of the application, so we’re talking in the ten’s of millions of downloads per day. We impose a time limit to reduce a screensaver running for many hours with no one viewing, so we can better allocate downloads to active users. Currently, this timeout expires after 12-hours, but you can easily start it again to continue viewing.

Starting with v3.7, if your album is rotating through 20 images or less, the timeout is ignored. This is due to images being pulled from your device’s local cache. Pulling from local cache means it doesn’t impact our daily limit from Google. Enjoy!

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