https // code Xbox : Sign in to Xbox Account

https // code Xbox : Sign in to Xbox Account

Ready to sign in to Xbox? You’ve come to the right place.
  • Although there are several methods and platforms where you can sign in to Xbox, the overall process is the same.
  • If you have an account on another Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console and want to keep your profile history (gamertag, gamerscore, achievements, and so on), make sure you sign in using the same account.

https // code Xbox

A passkey is an added layer of security that you can use as a quicker alternative to your Microsoft email and password. When you create a personal passkey, you get the following benefits:-
  • A passkey protects against a child account signing in as the parent and overriding parental controls. A personal passkey prevents a child from signing in as the parent and changing the child account’s settings
  • A passkey helps to prevent unauthorised charges. You can require a passkey to make any purchase on the Microsoft Store
  • A passkey allows the parent to grant content exceptions. The only way for a parent to override a content limitation is by entering his or her personal passkey.
  • Your passkey roams with you. The passkey that you set on your profile follows you to any Xbox console that you use.
  • A forgotten passkey defaults to your Microsoft account password. If you forget your passkey, the console defaults to requesting your Microsoft account password as a fail-safe

Create your Pass Key

Change your Pass Key

Create an Xbox account

You’ll need a Microsoft account to create an Xbox account. A Microsoft account is not the same thing as an Xbox account, although you can use the same email address for both.
If you already have a Microsoft account that you use to sign in to other Microsoft services (such as Windows, Outlook, OneDrive, Office, MSN, and Skype), use that account to create your Xbox account as well. Using the same email address to sign in to Xbox allows you to manage your settings and billing information through a single account.

Create a child account and add family members on Xbox

When you create a family group, you can manage privacy and online safety settings for family group members on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, the Xbox Family Settings app on mobile devices, and Windows PC.
Any organiser in the family group can add new members to the group. To add a member, follow the steps on this page.
Note that if the person you’re adding to your family group is already part of another family group, they must be removed from the current family group before following the steps on this page. 

Sign in directly on the Xbox console

Using a Controller



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