https // us : Connect Your Epic and LEGO Fortnite Accounts

https // us : Connect Your Epic and LEGO Fortnite Accounts

Drop into a world of unlimited imagination – and llamas – with the LEGO® Fortnite® game at! What will you build? Discover wide-open brickscapes where creativity and mischief click.

Collect resources, battle creatures and power up your imagination to construct the ultimate brick-built base. Explore solo or play with up to seven friends as you build, bash and re-build!

What is LEGO® Fortnite®?

Instead of the Fortnite you may be familiar with, LEGO Fortnite’s focus is on long-term survival, crafting and online cooperation with friends. The mix of those ingredients is up to players, which is why LEGO Fortnite includes two types of worlds, each of which caters to a different approach.

Every massive LEGO Fortnite world is procedurally generated and therefore unique to each player. They’re filled with mysteries to discover, scattered throughout areas like the rocky shorelines of the Boulder Coast and the cool shade of Lush Forests.

When players explore the wild worlds they create, they’ll discover friendly inhabitants — many characters and creatures come from Fortnite, in fact – as well as animals like cows and sheep built from LEGO bricks and elements. Players can discover less-than-friendly enemies too, like wild wolves, spiders or even pirates!

Some players will prefer to focus on adventure, harvesting elements to craft the best weapons and teaming up to explore dark and mysterious caves full of loot and enemies and tackling epic boss battles. Other players may focus on founding, building, expanding and leveling up villages, inviting visiting villagers to move in, assigning them jobs and working together to tame their wild world. Still other players can specialize in building, preferring the simple pleasures of constructing their own LEGO creations and populating the world with prefab creations that snap together seamlessly. The possibilities are as endless as each player’s creativity and imagination.

That’s why LEGO Fortnite is the best of both worlds. It combines the familiar terrain of Fortnite and the beloved bricks and elements from the LEGO Group to create a vast creative playground for players who get to play in whatever way makes them happy.


What Is a Survival World?

In a Survival world, players become the hero – gathering resources, building structures, crafting tools and weapons, fighting enemies and exploring a vast open world.

A Survival world’s built-in challenge is that players must gather and craft what they need to survive. Players take wood from trees and turn it into campfires, torches, axes and shovels to gather more resources, as well as swords and shields to defend themselves.

The more they build, the more they learn. The more they learn, the more building blueprints they unlock to build ever bigger and better things.

What Is a Sandbox World?

In a Sandbox world, it’s like every player has a bottomless box of LEGO bricks and elements. Instead of worrying about wild wolves guarding the forest where they’re collecting wood, players can just build a log cabin, no collecting or fighting required.

From players’ earliest moments in a Sandbox world, it’s all about crafting and expressing themselves without fighting enemies or needing to harvest material. They can even take to the sky, superhero-style, to explore the map.

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LEGO Fortnite Safety

LEGO Fortnite allows eight players to jump in simultaneously in one world, and having a community is the best way to play the game. Players cooperate to build, harvest, gather and overcome challenges. Each player is stronger and better with friends.

In Fortnite, every island has an age rating, and you can determine which islands your child can visit based on those ratings. Fortnite has extensive in-game parental controls that allow adults to manage their child’s experience in the game. Each platform on which the game is available – for example, PlayStation®, Xbox, Nintendo Switch™ and Windows – also offers its own parental controls.

With Epic Games’ Parental Controls, you can manage access to social features (such as voice chat), require a Parental Controls PIN for purchases and set up additional controls. You can access them online in the Epic Account Portal and also in-game using the Fortnite Parental Controls menu. Here’s how to access that menu in-game:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Open the main menu (which looks like three horizontal lines), and select the gear-shaped icon.
  3. Select Parental Controls from the menu that loads.

Epic Parental Controls require you to set up a six-digit PIN through the Epic Account Portal or the Fortnite Parental Controls menu. The PIN ensures that only you can make changes to your settings.

From the Account Portal, parents and guardians can customize their Parental Controls to create an age-appropriate experience for every member of the family. Notable Parental Controls include:

  • Voice and text chat permissions: You can manage who your child is able to speak with using Epic’s voice and text chat. You can select options like ‘Friends Only,’ which only allows your child to speak with other players in their Epic friends list and platform friend list, or disable chat entirely.
  • Purchasing settings: You can choose to require your Parental Controls PIN to be entered before real money purchases are made using Epic payment.
  • Require your PIN for friend requests: You have the option of requiring your PIN to be entered in order for your child to send or accept Epic friend requests.

If your child is playing on a console, then you may also need to set controls for purchasing, communication limits and more in that ecosystem. For example, if you turn off voice chat in Fortnite, your child may still be able to access voice chat using the chat system built into their console.