https // : Nestle Milkybar introduces children to the “Wonders of the Ocean” with an innovative augmented reality campaign

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Nestlé Milkybar, India’s most popular white treat, will debut an innovative Augmented Reality-based Wonders of Ocean campaign in April, which will be distributed across millions of packs.


Continuing the brand’s mission of collaborating with mothers across India to encourage their children to learn about science and environment via engaging fun and delicious, creamy Milk 1st product offerings, the campaign will run through the end of the year.

Nestlé Milkybar and Nestlé Milkybar Moosha products have been activated as part of the campaign, which began in April. When the children scan these packs, they will be taken on an immersive virtual tour of an aquarium on their parents’ mobile phones. Every day, they get to meet new aquatic species and learn something interesting about them. There is a wide range of experiences available to them.

The Nestlé Milkybar brand has always been a partner to moms in their journey to impart learning via playful fun while enjoying a delicious treat that is excellent for you, according to Nikhil Chand, Director, Foods and Chocolate & Confectionery, Nestlé India.

Because getting out and spending quality time with family has become increasingly challenging in today’s society, The Wonders of Ocean campaign was created to provide moms and children with the virtual experience of visiting an aquarium in their own homes.

Wonders of Ocean milkibar

This campaign is distinguished by the use of Immersive Augmented Reality technology, which is intended to make the child’s experience more fascinating and engaging while also acting as a trigger for their creativity, allowing them to learn about science and nature in a fun and amusing manner. “We are optimistic that youngsters all throughout India would benefit from and appreciate this virtual experience this summer,” Chand said of the project.

The Wonders of the Ocean packs will be available in certain Milkybar and Milkybar Moosha packs at participating retail locations starting in April.


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