https // to download your payslip

https // to download your payslip

We learned about new technologies all the time, making us faster and more precise. Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System (IFRS) is a digitalization initiative by the Tamil Nadu government (IFHRMS). For employees, it’s a web-based tool. Because of the IFHRMS Portal, employees can obtain a copy of their W-2 and other tax documents. Before the launch of IFHRMS, there were numerous issues, but these issues are no longer an issue. Both the government and the private sector are involved in running this system, which benefits employees.


Learn about the Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System in this article so you can take advantage of all services without leaving your desk. You were smarter than the rest because you had access to all of the information. With IFHRMS Login we’ll talk about IFHRMS payslip download, how to log into IFHRMS, and more.


Tamilnadu’s official website hosts the login page for the IFHRMS. The procedure is detailed in the following paragraphs, step by step:

To begin, go to the IFHRMS Login’s official website.

By clicking this link, you’ll be taken to the organization’s main website.

The next step is to select the employee user type from the drop-down menu.

Please enter your login information, such as your user ID and password.

After that, click the Sign In button to sign in.

You must now proceed to the next step.

You’ll be signed in as soon as you click Sign In.

Login & Payslip Procedure for IFHRMS

It is critical for every employee to have access to their pay stubs. All of the issues have been addressed in detail. Follow these steps to get your pay slip as a PDF:

To begin, go to the TN IFHRMS Portal’s official website.

As an employee, you’ll need to log in next.

Choosing the Finance option is required.

To access the Payroll menu, you must first select it from the drop-down menu.

Click on the resulting option that appears once you’ve done this.

The payroll results are displayed on the login dashboard.

Decide on a timeframe that works for you.

In the bill type, the regular option will be selected.

When you find it, look for the Pay Bill Group and then click on Documents in the Payslip Option menu.

The IFHRMS Payslip is now available in PDF format for download.

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