https www instafest app Link Spotify: Instafest Tool Creates Your Dream Festival Line-Up

https www instafest app Link Spotify : Instafest Tool Creates Your Dream Festival Line-Up

It’s likely that you saw at least a few vibrant images from friends and celebrities of what appears to be a new music festival lineup if you spent any time on social media during the holiday weekend.

Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California, created the website early this year and it quickly gained popularity on social media. Instafest is a software that uses users’ Spotify listening history to create customised concert bills. Instafest leverages Spotify’s listening statistics to build a three-day concert containing your most-often-played artists, which should not be confused with a recent trend involving altered Coachella Music & Arts Festival lineups.

https www instafest app Login:

Simply sign into the website using your Spotify account to get started, then watch as the algorithm generates a weekend festival lineup right in front of your eyes.

You can alter the artist lineup to include your favourite performers from the previous four, six, or twelve months, or even from the moment your Spotify account was first created.

Additionally, you can alter the poster’s background and give your festival a distinctive name; otherwise, a shortened version of your username will be used by default.

Instafest Tool

Use the Instafest app to see what a music festival featuring your favourite performers would look like. To locate it, just type “” into the search bar of your preferred web browser. Depending on which accounts your Spotify profile is linked to, you will then be asked to sign in using Spotify, Google, or Facebook. The app will create a picture of your ideal festival lineup once you sign up and grant it access to your Spotify data.

Spotify Instafest: Forget Spotify Wrapped and Share Your Dream Festival Lineup Instead - CNET

You may find out which musicians you’ve listened to the most recently (within the past four weeks), recently (within the past six months), or ever. You can next select a photo style, such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, or Mojave Dusk, which, respectively, depict a beach scene, a city at night, or a peaceful desert.

Lastly, you can choose a name for your festival. It will automatically enter “fest” after your Spotify username in this area, but you may alter it to something more original if you’d like. Simply selecting the “hide my username” checkbox will change your lineup to “Instafest.” If you want to post photos from your festival on Instagram but don’t want all of your followers to be able to find you on Spotify, this might be a good option.

By choosing one of the sunset, dawn, or dusk backgrounds the app offers, you can also give your Instafest poster a little bit of a unique touch. You can also edit the festival name associated with your Spotify account if it’s a touch too generic.

Until Spotify’s official effort integrated inside the music streaming app comes out to either disgrace or please you, this should keep you occupied for the next few days. Although, given the awful error that appeared on the app’s site a few weeks ago, you’d be excused if you assumed this year’s Wrapped had already taken place.

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