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The educational app by Google has suddenly jumped to the top 5 spots of the Play Store’s education catalogue in the United States. That’s not all as the app has gained sudden popularity in a number of other countries such as Mexico, Canada, Finland, Italy, Indonesia, and Poland.


A download of 50 million is a huge milestone for an application which Google Classroom has achieved on Playstore. Moving on to Apple, the counts are not available for the Classroom app on iOS, but the app has seen a surge in the downloads there as well.

Within the Google Classroom, the children will find:

 a link to ‘google meet’ from their teacher; which will be used when classes are working from home and
the teacher can be seen on ‘video’,

 tasks that have been set for the children to complete and return to their teacher for feedback

 a ‘stream’ for teachers and children to communicate about their work.

Below are some instructions on how to access the Google Suite and then the Google Classroom for your child
to access the set work. All work when classes are closed will now be set in the Google Classroom.

How To Access Google Classroom

1. Open the internet and go to Google

2. Click on the 9 dots in the top right corner

3. Select Google Classroom or Google Drive

4. Log in using your logon and password.

Once all of this is completed, you will be able to access the activities that have been set by the class teacher or
year group.

Once you have logged into the google classroom you will be in the stream tab (section) where you may find
communications from class teachers, due dates for work that will be marked and responses from your teachers
to questions you may have asked.

To access set work, click on the classroom tab at the top of the screen. In here you will find the work that has
been set for that week, including resources and instructions for tasks. Once you have completed the set tasks,
in particular the ones that have been set for feedback you might need to either respond on the document,
upload a photo or simply just press hand-in.

Google Classroom

When asking questions or posting responses within the Google Classroom, please make sure that parents and
children are being polite, respectful of others and following the guidelines set out in the ICT and Acceptable
Use policy.

There is also a free google classroom app and google meet app that you can download for free onto your
phone. This can work well for children to access Google Meet to see their teachers at 9am when classes are

Personalize learning

Support all types of learners

● Students can learn in their best ways when you adjust settings for accessibility or set up student accounts for individualized education plans

● Assign material to specific groups that need differentiated coursework Help students stay organized

● Coursework documents upload as templates to give each student a copy

● Due dates automatically appear on student calendars when an assignment is distributed

● Everyone in the class can stay on track with student and teacher to-do pages Encourage critical thinking

● Students can check their own work against hundreds of millions of published sources to flag missing citations before submitting

● Teachers can detect potential plagiarism by scanning student submissions against a domain-specific repository of past student work

Manage with ease

Apply analytics to keep improving

● Investigate system performance and security issues by accessing audit logs ₂ from the Admin Console, or use reports to identify events like how a class or student was deleted

● Export Classroom logs to BigQuery to analyze student adoption or engagement Stay flexible and scalable

● Serve any size educational community

● Create and manage classes at scale by syncing Classroom rosters from your student information system

● Export grades from Classroom to your student information system

● Install third-party EdTech tools to multiple teachers at once with Classroom add-ons Stay secure and compliant

● Rely on our industry-leading global network built with multilayered, full-stack security

● We meet the most rigorous global education standards for security and privacy, and we’re audited by independent, third-party organizations

● There’s no advertising in Classroom and a student’s personal information isn’t used to create ad profiles for targeting

● Only Classroom participants have access to their specific class activities and content

A solution for every school and every budget

Classroom is free for educational institutions, whether they use Google Workspace for Education or a traditional learning management system. Schools that need more enhanced tools within Classroom can purchase the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Education Standard, or Education Plus editions.

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