https // Create : Gimkit – How to Create & Start a Live Game

https // Create : Gimkit – How to Create & Start a Live Game

Gimkit Create – Your pupils will be able to participate or create Ganes in your game of Code using the instant-join option. This feature Gimkit Join Code eliminates the need for them to provide a game code or type in their names. They will automatically be included in your game as soon as they go to the website


Step 1 — Current : The first step is to open My Dashboard | Gimkit and click New Kit

Step 2 : Choose a Kit name…

Step 3 : Type Kit name…

Step 4 : Scroll down and click Quizlet – you can do the other options but I’ve found Quizlet to be easiest

Step 5 : Click Next

Step 6 : Choose an image – doesn’t matter what it is really

Step 7 : Scroll down and click My Sets

Step 8 :Click the set you want to use

Step 9 : Scroll down, hit the triple dots and click Export

Step 10 : Scroll down and click Copy text

Step 11 : Scroll up and click Next

Step 12 : Go back to your Gimkit screen and click Next

Step 13 : Click Paste here…

Step 14 : Right Click Paste here…

Step 15 : Scroll down and click Create

Step 16 : To start a game, choose the set and click Play

Step 17 : Choose between Race

Step 18 : All In

Step 19 : & Time

Step 20 : Make any other edits from the options below

Step 21 : Click Continue when you’re ready to play!

How to create a student account:

  1. Visit

  2. Click sign up on the top right

  3. Select “Gimkit Basic”

  4. Sign in with your GCloud account

  5. Select student

  6. Enter your date of birth

  7. You’ve created a free student account!

Demonstration of instant-join


Article Name Gimkit Join
Gimkit Login
Help Line Number (360) 926-0882
Gimkit Join Code Click Here

To use instant-join, you must have a class with student accounts

1. Select your class when configuring your game options.

2. Start hosting your game

3. Have students visit If they are logged in and in your class, they will join automatically. If not logged in, when they type in the game code, they will be prompted to login

How To End A Game Early

Ending a Live Gimkit game early is easy.

Simply click the exit button at upper right. The icon is a half circle with an arrow pointing to the right.


Welcome to KitCodes! KitCodes is a mode designed to get your students up and moving around the class! With that, there’s a little bit of preparation required.

Printable KitCodes

Click here to print KitCodes. You’ll want to hang these around your classroom! Students will scan these codes in order to shop.

Requirements to play KitCodes:

– KitCodes printed and hung around your classroom

– Student devices can move around the classroom (laptops, tablets, phones)

– Student devices have a camera

How KitCodes Works

KitCodes acts the same as normal Gimkit, but with one big twist: students have to move around the classroom to shop! When students enter the shop, they won’t be able to select which upgrade they want to purchase, or go into the powerup section. Instead they will be prompted to scan a KitCode!

Students will travel across the classroom to find the KitCode for what they are shopping for. Once they do, they scan that code!

And then…boom! Student are taken to that part of the shop!

And that’s it! With KitCodes being hung up around the class, the students have to get moving in order to shop. It’s also really awesome to see which students are shopping for what in the middle of a game!