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ESI scheme is a self-financed scheme managed by Employees State Insurance Corporation to provide social protection to workers.

ESI BenefitsESI AmountEligibility
Medical BenefitsNo limitAny employee registered under the ESIC act.
Sickness Benefits0% of the daily wage of employee for 91 daysEmployee who have contributed for 78 days in contribution period of 6 months
Disability Benefits90% of the wages of the employeeInjury happens at the workplace
Maternity Benefits100% of the daily wages for 26 weeksCompensation in case of pregnancy and adoption of child
Death Benefits90% of the daily wages to deceased familyThe accident occurs at the workplace
Funeral ExpensesRs.15,000In case of death
Unemployment Allowance50% of the wages for 2 yearsEmployees who become unemployed due to closure of factory/establishment, retrenchment or permanent invalidity

ESIC Login

The Employee Insurance Corporation allows ESI registration through the official portal of ESIC. After initiating the process of registration, employers will be provided 17-digit code along with ESIC credentials on the email id. These credentials such as ‘Labour Identification Number’ and Password can be used by the employers for ESIC login. login

ESIC Employer Login

• To login on the ESIC official portal, employers need to follow these steps.

• Visit the link

• Click on the employer login button which will redirect you to the external link.

• On the external link, you will find the ‘Click here to login’ button on the right hand of the screen.

• Fill in the necessary credentials such as ‘Labour Identification Number’ and Password for ESIC login.

• After doing the ESIC registration login provide the essential details of the employee such as details of his family members, address of all the members, and the clinic from where he/she is already taking medical treatment or would like to take in the future.

• Once the process of ESIC registration login is completed, the employee will receive an insurance number which is unique for every employee and is used by an employee for ESI login.

Documents Required for ESIC Registration

You need to submit the following documents for ESI registration under Employees State Insurance Corporation:

• A registration certificate of the organisation

• A list of all the employees in the Establishment along with the compensation details of all the employees

• Certificate of Registration in case of Company

• Partnership deed in case of a Partnership

• Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of the Company

• PAN Card of the organisation and employees.

• A cancelled cheque of the Bank Account

• List of Directors of the Company

• List of the Shareholders of the Company


ESI Scheme, like most of the Social Security Schemes the world over, is a self financing health insurance scheme. Contributions are raised from covered employees and their employers as a fixed percentage of wages. As of now, covered employees contribute 0.75% of the wages, whereas, the employers contribute 3.25% of the wages, payable to their employees. Employees earning upto Rs.176/- a day are exempted from payment of their share of contribution.

The State Governments, as per provisions of the Act, contribute 1/8th of the expenditure of medical benefit within a per capita ceiling of Rs. 1500/- per Insured Person per annum. Any additional expenditure incurred by the State Governments, over and above the ceiling and not falling within the shareable pool, is borne by the State Governments concerned.

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