https // login : How do I log into Edgenuity from home?

https // login : How do I log into Edgenuity from home?

To login into Edgenuity from home, go to, Username = student’s school email address, Password = first letter of student’s name capitalized and full last name with the first letter capitalized.

Please read through the steps below regarding admission and registration with Edgenuity Virtual Academy before starting your paperwork. When you are ready to enroll or you have more questions please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options!

Edgenuity Virtual Academy is a year-round school. What does this mean? Registration, admis­sions, and enrollment is available to you year-round (excluding holidays). Your courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including holidays).


1. Go to, Username = student’s school email address, Password = first letter of student’s name capitalized and full last name with the first letter capitalized. For example, John Doe would be JDoe.

2. Student’s last name must match what is in Aeries. Whatever appears in Aeries was used to create the Edgenuity password.

3. For student with multiple last names, use what appear in Aeries.


Jane Cougar-Bruin would be JCougar-Bruin.
Jane Cougar Bruin would be JCougar Bruin.
Jane CougarBruin would be JCougarBruin.

4. If you cannot login, be sure your pop-up blocker is off and you may need to clear your browsing history.

5. If a student changes their Edgenuity password, EDUHSD Educational Services does not have access to the new password. Student will need to contact Edgenuity directly.

How to become a Edgenuity Virtual Academy Student:

  1. Admissions Consultation
  2. Apply
    1. Enrollment Form
    2. Financial Form
    3. Send us your transcripts (if graduating with us)
    4. Complete any additional paperwork
  3. Pay for course(s)
  4. Start your course(s)

Step 1 – Admissions Consultation

During our first conversation we will:

  • Evaluate your educational needs
  • Discuss the appropriate plan for you
  • Discuss tuition and payment plans
  • Review our policies and procedures

Step 2 – Apply for Admissions

Please complete all forms electronically through DOCHUB.

  • Complete our enrollment form here
  • Complete the financial form here
  • Send us your transcripts (if graduating with us). Please mail. or send transcripts to our drop box here
  • Set up online account and request courses here (Make sure these courses are correct for your educational journey, and they match your financial forms, you cannot take A and B together, or multiple grade levels at the same time, CR courses will require a waiver or previous transcripts showing the courses were completed and failed previously):
    • K-5 students click here
    • 6-12 students click here
    • CA residents click here

Step 3 – Pay for your course(s)

Once all paperwork is received and reviewed we will send you a payment link to the email listed on your forms.

Please note – all paperwork must be completed correctly without errors before submission is complete – we may need to ask you to RE-SUBMIT forms

Application fee:

  • There is a $50 one-time non-refundable application fee per student.
  • Any student absent 365+ consecutive days will be considered a ‘new’ student
  • Your first payment will include your application fee and your tuition payment.


  • Students may be signed up for either monthly or semester pay courses.
  • Monthly enrollment includes 1-6 courses with a monthly payment to continue access in those courses. Courses may be dropped and added at any time provided a course request form is filled out and received.
  • Semester enrollment is a ‘per course’ (a course is defined as A or B version, if a full-year course is selected, this is considered TWO courses). This fee allows 18-week access to a specific course. Courses may not be switched out after the 2-week grace period. Please note – if you switch the course out you will still have the remainder of the 18 weeks left for the new course) .
  • Semester students require a financial form when selecting additional courses
  • If you switch the course out you will still have the remainder of the 18 weeks left for the new course).
  • If you change payment plans we may require new forms

Payment Options:

  • Pay online through the link we send to your email – this link takes 24-48 business hours to arrive once we have received all of your paperwork – if you do not receive this email – please check your JUNK/SPAM mail or speak to our admissions department
  • Send a Check/Money Order payable to:Imagine Learning LLC
    Edgenuity Virtual Academy
    Dept 2195
    PO Box 122195
    Dallas, TX 75312-2195* Be sure to note the students name and school on the check.
    * For wire and ACH instructions or a W-9, please email

Step 4 – Registration and Enrollment

Once payment has been received our team will register your student in Edgenuity Virtual Academy and enroll your student into courses.
Please note – if you are transferring credits to Edgenuity Virtual Academy we will need official transcripts sent to our school. You can get a head start and request them from your school now.

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Graduation Planning

If you are interested in graduating with Edgenuity Virtual Academy, we can create a graduation plan once all documents are received including official transcripts. Graduation plans will not be completed prior to enrollment into school or if students are NOT graduating with our academy.

EVA – NCAA graduation plan
EVA traditional graduation plan

New Student Orientation

All students should watch the orientation video on the log in screen. We would also like to talk to you as soon as possible, make sure you can login, know how to navigate, learn how to add parent accounts, talk to your teachers, talk to your mentor, and how to get free tutoring at the click of a button (core courses only).

Click here to set up an appointment for an orientation now!

Here is a video made just for you! Take a look!

Please note – The enrollment process can take 5-7 business days once all forms are received. Delays may occur during peak season, missing or inaccurate paperwork, or billing. It is essential that paperwork is correct so please be sure to fill it out completely and accurately

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