https : Over-the-Counter benefit | Align Senior Care

https : Over-the-Counter benefit | Align Senior Care

Align Senior Care is fully owned and operated by AllyAlign Health (AAH). AllyAlign Health began reforming the health system in 2013 by enabling leading long-term care providers to launch provider-sponsored managed care plans for vulnerable senior populations.


Today they manage Medicare Advantage institutional special needs plans (I-SNPs), chronic care special needs plans (C-SNPs) for dementia, and dual-eligible special needs plans (D-SNPs) to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient quality of life. Founded by Will Saunders in Richmond, Virginia, our innovative turnkey solutions and propriety technology power health plans across the U.S.

Compliance Hotline: (844) 317-9059

Align Senior Care has implemented a Compliance Hotline. The Compliance Hotline provides a mechanism for callers to report activity related to known or suspected non-compliance with the law or Align Senior Care Policy. All calls to the Compliance Hotline will be treated as confidential and private to the fullest extent possible.

There are three convenient ways to place an order. Choose the way that works best for you:

1. Shop Online

Online orders must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET to be processed the same day. Products in this catalog are intended for personal use and may be ordered only for the enrollee.

  • There is no limit on the number of items you may order. There is, however, a quantity limit of nine per any single item, per quarter. There are some select products that have special limits and these are marked by a “★” or “■” in this catalog.
  • In order to purchase certain vitamin and mineral supplements, or “dual-purpose items”, your physician must recommend it to you for a specific diagnosed condition.
  • These are called “dual-purpose items” which are marked with a “♦.” 
Please speak with your physician before ordering these type of items

2. Order by Phone

Orders can be placed by calling OTCHS at 1-888-628-2770 (TTY 711) 

  • Please have your ID and order ready when placing your order by phone.
  • You can speak to a live agent Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 8 PM local time. You can also order 24/7 via our automated interactive voice response (IVR) system.

3. In-Store Pick-up

Step 1: Pick up your OTC items at any OTC Health Solutions® (OTCHS) enabled store. To find your nearest location, go to 2: At checkout inform the cashier you have OTC Health Solutions.

Step 3: Present your member ID card first, before the cashier begins to scan products. Your member ID card is used to verify eligibility, not as a payment.

Your OTC benefit can be utilized once throughout the quarter if you use the home delivery service, that is, if you order by phone or online. However, you can use your benefit unlimited times at any OTCHS-enabled CVS Pharmacy during the quarter. Quarterly benefit periods are distributed as follows:

  • Quarter 1 (January, February and March)
  • Quarter 2 (April, May and June)
  • Quarter 3 (July, August and September)
  • Quarter 4 (October, November and December)