https // Enter Code : Watch CTV on a phone or tablet

https // Enter Code : Watch CTV on a phone or tablet

1. On a Web or Mobile Browser:

    • Visit using a web or mobile browser.
    • Sign in through your BDU provider (Broadcast Distribution Undertaking) or select your TV provider.
    • Enter the activation code displayed in the CTV app.
    • If your credentials are correct, a success message will appear on your browser.

2. Chromecast Activation:

    • If you’re using a Chromecast, go to on your computer or mobile device.
    • Enter the activation code and click on “Activate.”

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How do I activate the CTV app 

  • CTV app can be downloaded from your device’s app store or marketplace. Check that it’s in the store in Canada.
  • Start your device with the CTV application.
  • In the Account Management section, select the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • An activation code will be provided to you.
  • Visit and sign in via your BDU provider in your web or mobile browser
  • Enter the activation code shown in the app when promoted.
  • Once you’re finished, you should see your browser’s ‘Success!’ message.
  • Enjoy the CTV app’s best!

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Watch CTV on a phone or tablet

Authenticated access CTV News content is accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android Apple TV, and web-enabled desktop and laptop computers. Viewing our digital-exclusive live channels, LIVE1-4 does not require a sign-in. You must sign in to watch CTV News Channel LIVE programming. Login is also required for some archived video. You must sign in if you see a lock icon.

• Launch the CTV News app and choose Sign In from the navigation bar or one of the live streams.

• Open a web browser and navigate to

• Type in the activation code that appears on your television.

• If you are an existing subscriber, you will be given the option to sign in.

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  1. When I tried to activate my card online there was another offer that you could not refuse – so since I was not activated on my credit card so that would not be charged either, right?

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