https // Enter Code : Watch CTV on a phone or tablet

https // Enter Code : Watch CTV on a phone or tablet

Https // Code

Since Internet Explorer support was officially ended by Microsoft in 2016, some users would not play video playback. If you can look at Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, we recommend that you do it. No login is required in order to access news clips and news programs. You can also access the articles on our website without a login at all times. You need a username and password for your account from a participating service provider to access authenticated life and archived content (displaying the lock icon).

How do I activate the CTV app 

  • CTV app can be downloaded from your device’s app store or marketplace. Check that it’s in the store in Canada.
  • Start your device with the CTV application.
  • In the Account Management section, select the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • An activation code will be provided to you.
  • Visit and sign in via your BDU provider in your web or mobile browser
  • Enter the activation code shown in the app when promoted.
  • Once you’re finished, you should see your browser’s ‘Success!’ message.
  • Enjoy the CTV app’s best!
Https // Code

Watch CTV on a phone or tablet


Authenticated access CTV News content is accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android Apple TV, and web-enabled desktop and laptop computers. Viewing our digital-exclusive live channels, LIVE1-4 does not require a sign-in. You must sign in to watch CTV News Channel LIVE programming. Login is also required for some archived video. You must sign in if you see a lock icon.

  • Launch the CTV News app and choose Sign In from the navigation bar or one of the live streams.

• Open a web browser and navigate to

• Type in the activation code that appears on your television.

• If you are an existing subscriber, you will be given the option to sign in.

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