https // for updates : Black OPS Cold War’s Mauer Der Toten Zombies Map

https // for updates :

New Zombies experiences, as well as a classic Multiplayer map and new modes, are making their way to Cold War. Warzone, on the other hand, gets a brand-new objective game mode called Payload with various metagame-altering changes.

Over the last few chapters, Requiem has had its darkest hour

Everything and everyone can be turned to bad if you’re corrupt. even those who know you well… She is under the impression that you have not realised what she has done. Kravchenko, Colonel Lev

A new war has just begun in the Zombies Dark Aether storey as the satellites all over the world go down due to Perseus’ actions.

Samantha Maxis worked with Requiem to discover the world’s largest Outbreak Zone, which existed in the Ural Mountains. Once the elite strike team had thwarted Omega’s Operation Inversion, it was poised to evacuate the defecting scientists in Operation Excision…until they discovered a familiar adversary had inserted a mole among them.

When the strike team arrived, they found the scientists brutally murdered and this strange phrase scrawled in blood above their corpses: “NO ONE WALKS AWAY FROM OMEGA.”

At the beginning of the escape, a rocket landed on Raptor-1’s helicopter, and the guy responsible for the trap left the scene using his own hands to capture the agents.

Who are you? Leading member of the Omega Group is Colonel Lev Kravchenko. He is finished with his rivals, and now it’s time to finish off Requiem’s “finest” for good.

This is where the next chapter in the Dark Aether storey begins: a harrowing battle with the undead in a divided city, ready to drop with Black Ops Cold War’s Season Four ReLoaded.

For the entire Season Four Reloaded content drop, which will begin on July 15, Black Ops Cold War, which will be updated on July 13 at 9 PM PT, and Warzone, which will be updated on July 14 at 9 PM PT, will each be in operation. “Mauer Der Toten” will bring new maps, modes, and new objective-based gameplay to “Black Ops Cold War” multiplayer, along with new Zombie content.

Season Four Reloaded welcomes you.

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