https // : Where can I watch SalemNOW?

https // : Where can I watch SalemNOW?

SalemNOW is completely free to join and there are no contracts and no monthly or annual fees. SalemNOW features award winning conservative and family friendly movies and documentaries that the mainstream will often censor and not show. You will also find daily podcasts and live events from personalities such as Dennis Prager, Dinesh D’Souza, Eric Metaxas, Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt and others.


You can watch SalemNOW anywhere and anytime. Watch SalemNOW on your TV, tablet, phone, and computer with the following apps: Apple iPhone/iPad, AppleTV, Android phone/tablet, AndroidTV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. You can also use Airplay and Chromecast.

How to Activate SalemNOW Channel on Roku

If you have Roku at your home and want to activate SALEMNOW on your Roku then you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Switch on your Roku device and go to the Roku home screen.
  2. Next, go to channels store, and in the search bar type SALEMNOW and hit enter.
  3. Then click on the “SALEMNOW”, and select the “Add channel” tab. The SalemNOW Channel will currently be recorded on your Roku’s home screen.
  4. Next, Launch the SalemNOW Channel on your Roku, and you will get an activation code on your screen. Make sure that you write it down.
  5. Then use your cell phone or any other device and visit to get the verification code on your mobile number or email address, whichever works best for you.
  6. Next, to access the SALEMNOW, you will need to “Sign In” by visiting Roku, and enter the code that appeared earlier on the screen, at that point sign into your SALEMNOW account.

How to Activate SalemNOW Channel for Amazon Fire TV via

The steps to activate SALEMNOW for Amazon Fire TV via are given below. So, feel free to take a look at them.

  1. First, open your Fire TV and download the SALEMNOW app on it.
  2. Next, launch the app on your device, and go to the settings.
  3. Then, find SALEMNOW and select the device you are activating it on.
  4. Next, click on “Connect” to start watching the SALEMNOW subscription on your Amazon device.

Note: these steps are also applicable for Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Activate SalemNOW Channel for Apple TV

  1. First, start your Apple TV, and go to the Apple App Store.
  2. Now search for SALEMNOW, download and install the app on your Apple TV.
  3. Now launch the App and sign in to your SALEMNOW Application, you will see the activation code on your TV screen alongside the guidelines for the activation.
  4. Once you have the activation code, open into your mobile or computer.
  5. Next, on the given page enter the activation code in the given field and select Continue, follow the ongoing instructions.
  6. Once the activation is complete, use your mobile number to complete the SALEMNOW application.

SalemNOW Channel activate on PS4

To activate the SALEMNOW app on your PS4 you need to follow the given procedure:

  1. First, go to your PS4 home screen > TV > video option.
  2. In case you do not have SALEMNOW on your device yet. Then go to the Playstation store and download the SALEMNOW App from there.
  3. Now select your TV provider from the drop-down menu, and then you will get the activation code.
  4. Now visit from your mobile, and enter the activation code on the given fields.

Activate SalemNOW Channel on Xbox

Here are the steps to activate the SALEMNOW on your Xbox:

  1. Open your Xbox, search for SALEMNOW and download the App on your device.
  2. Now go to the Xbox menu and click on the “Activate Channel”.
  3. Now select your TV provider from the drop-down menu, and then you will get the activation code.

Now visit from your mobile, and enter the activation code on the given fields.

How do I make a purchase to watch a movie or event?

  1. Pick a movie: Click on the movie/event you would like to watch. If you are not logged in then it will prompt you to do so. You must have a free account to make purchases.
  2. Choose a purchase option: After clicking the Play button for the movie you will be prompted to choose either a Rental or Buy (Own) option.
  3. Add your credit card info: If you do not have a credit card saved on your account you will need to add your credit card info.
  4. Complete Purchase: Complete your purchase by clicking the button to do so.
  5. Enjoy the Video: Watch the Video on Demand you have purchased online or any of your apps/devices.

Where can I find the movies that I have purchased?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Access your account by clicking on the Menu icon in the top left corner and then clicking on My Account from the menu.
  3. Click on Purchases to see your library of movies and events you have purchased and have access to.

What do I get with my purchase?

You will gain access to stream the video on demand you purchase. You may login online or any app/device as often as you like to watch the video as many times as you like. There is no download option for saving the video to your computer or app at this time.

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