https // Login Page: Webcasting and DVDs | Obitus

https // Login Page: Webcasting and DVDs | Obitus

Due to the nature of the internet connections there are some setups that on occasion where due to the internet service provider you have, the type of network you are on or what network routers/devices you have this device connected to will mean that you are unable to view our streams/video content. Here are a few more things to try:

  1. If you have another device, try that as well. Mobile devices, such as iPads, work most reliably.
  2. Restart your computer and internet router.
  3. Clear your web browser’s ‘browsing data’, including history, cookies and cache.
  4. Try using a different web browser. Google Chrome is often best, Firefox and Safari are good too. Edge/Internet Explorer both work, but are sometimes less reliable. Please make sure any browser is fully updated.
  5. If you’re using wireless/wifi, try plugging your computer into your internet router using a cable, if you can.
  6. If you can’t hear anything make sure your speakers are turned on and turned up. Try listening to something else just to check.


If you are still experiencing problems viewing this service, please click the option below to contact us so we can help you troubleshoot this issue. It would be helpful if you are aware what type of device and browser you are viewing the webcast with – if not it may take longer to troubleshoot the issue you are having.

If you were viewing a Live Webcast (happening as the service takes place) and can no longer see the video, it’s possible that connection to the crematorium has been lost. Please wait, and this should be restored as quickly as possible. If you were viewing a Watch Again (a service which has already taken place), please check your internet connection and reload the page.

If you’d like a recording of the webcast put back online to watch again, please speak to the funeral director or crematorium as they have to order this with us so the family can authorize it. Most of these will be back online within 2-3 working days, but some are taking longer if the crematorium’s internet is slower.

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  1. Thank u for a very special service for Andy beard..such class an rich in thought an presentation..
    Thank you again for viewing here in Canada was like I was there with you all..well done all of you.

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