https // : Unified University & College Management System

https // : Unified University & College Management System

A first of its kind in the country, the Unified University & College Management System (UUCMS) is a flagship project envisioned by the Department of Higher Education, Government of Karnataka. The UUCMS unifies and integrates the functioning and the governance of all collages and public universities in the state bringing all of them under one umbrella.



The UUCMS will computerize the activities of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), right with the start of student journey from admissions to academics to examination to awarding the degree are performed within the UUCMS system. Further, the faculty activities from date of joining to academic performance assessment and promotion is accomplished in the system. The faculty’s academics student activities such as lesson plan, class monitoring, student attendance capture, etc are integral part of the UUCMS system.

Entries to Karnataka degree courses started

The admission process to next academic year graduation classes started on August 1. The Unified University College Management System (UUCMS) is implemented to achieve this online system.

Each year, announcing results of the second PU started with the admission process for graduate courses. The admission process will however start a little late due to the formation of online admissibility technology for the academic year 2021-22.

From 14 August, all eligible Karnataka students can apply to UUCMS. All the colleges were instructed to build a help desk and to lead students by the education department.

On 4 August students who have passed the second PU can apply.

The student fee for the academic year 2021-22 will not be increased. For the next year, government has also decided to maintain the academic year 2020-21 fee structure. For degree courses, there is no application fee. Admission fees are Rs 80, Rs 940, Lab Rs 260, Medical Examination, Transfer, Proof Certificate of Education, Room fees are Rs 140, sports facilities, library fees are Rs 100 each, College Rs 200, Scouts, Red Cross Rs 50 each, Teachers and students welfare fund fees Rs 25 each, and Rs 90 each, NSS fees.

The application fee for postdocs (except the MBA) shall be Rs 50, the admission fee shall be R’ 100, the cost of tutoring shall be Rs 1,000, the laboratory fee Rs 300, Medical examination, transfer and proof of education Rs 100, Reading Room Rs 100, the development fee shall be Rs 100, respectively. Additionally, the respective universities shall pay admission fee, registration fees, examination fees, and other fees. Rs 20,000 fees will continue for general MBA students.

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