https //unified : UAN Member Portal URL

https //unified : UAN Member Portal URL

UAN Member e-Sewa Portal can be used to access and manage EPF Accounts, KYC, Service details and EPF Passbooks etc online.

UAN Member Portal URL
UAN Member E-Sewa Services View- Profile, Service History and UAN Card
Modify- Basic Details and KYC
Online Services- Claim and Track PF, Transfer PF
UAN Customer Care Details Email ID:
Toll Free Number: 1800-11-8005
Official ID:
  • UAN member portal services include view profile, manage details, fund transfer, claim EPF and other.
  • To avail EPF related services, follow the steps to register at EPFO e-sewa portal and activate your UAN.

UAN Member e-Sewa Portal


The EPFO e-Sewa Portal is the official one-stop resource of Employee Provident Fund Organisation to access EPF related services like Knowing about EPF Balance, Previous and Current Employer, Withdraw funds from EPF Account and much more online. To access these services, UAN Members need to register at UAN Portal using the link and can then login to the portal.

How to Register at UAN Member Portal?


To register at UAN Member Portal, members need to activate their UAN (Universal Account Number) by logging EPFO e-Sewa Portal by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, visit the EPF Member Portal. Now, click on the “Activate UAN” present in the “Important Links” section.
  • Next, enter the details and click on “Get Authorization PIN”
  • To activate your UAN, enter the PIN sent on your registered mobile number
  • You will now receive a system-generated password through SMS, which can be changed once you log in

How to check your UAN Status?

Members can know about their UAN status by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, login the UAN portal by clicking on Now, click on ‘Know your UAN Status’ button.
  • Next, enter your PF number, Member ID, PAN or Aadhaar.
  • Now, enter other details such as date of birth, name, your contact information and the captcha code.
  • Next, click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
  • Finally, enter the OTP and click on the ‘Validate OTP and get UAN’ button.
  • You will now receive a UAN number on your mobile number.

UAN Member e-SEWA Portal Login Process

To login the UAN Member e-SEWA Portal follow the below mentioned procedures.

  • Visit the UAN Member e-Sewa Portal by clicking on
  • Now, enter the UAN Number and reset your password by clicking on Forgot Password in the login section.
  • After changing the password, enter your UAN Number, Password, Captcha Code and click on Sign In to log in the UAN Portal.

EPF Withdrawal

So even before you think about applying for withdrawal of your money from EPFO portal you have to activate your UAN number, and you will be able to find your own UAN number from your salary slip which we have to activate first and then also complete the KYC process.

  • EPFO Timeline for settlement of claims of Grievances
  • Find your EPF Passbook entries online

EPF Withdrawal Circumstances and Eligibility

Basically, if you want to withdraw your money from PF account no would oppose that but as per the government rules there are certain set of requirements and eligibility that you need to have. Let us go over those circumstances when you are able to withdraw your money from EPFO portal.

Retirement: When you have completed your term of service and have retired from your work then you are free to withdraw all your money from the PF account. But you will not be able to withdraw any money from the pension account.

Transfer of PF from one Employer to Another: So, one of the main things we forget when we change our jobs is that we have to transfer the PF money from the old employer to the new one. This is required because you will only be able to withdraw from one employer at the end and if you do not do this then it might take quite an effort to get your PF from previous employer as well.

Unemployed for 2 months: If you are not employed for 2 months and more then you are eligible to withdraw the money from your PF account in any circumstance.

Partial PF Withdrawal: There are many reasons where you are allowed to partially withdraw your PF money up to 50% to 90% in total.

Some of those reasons are

  1. Marriage
  2. Purchase of House or Land
  3. Education
  4. Home Loan Repayment
  5. House Renovation
  6. Before Retirement

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UAN Member e-Sewa Portal Services

The UAN Member Login Portal offers the following services on its e-Sewa Portal:

  • View: There are four types of information that members can view on the e-Sewa Portal.
    • Profile: Under the view tab, UAN Members can view their EPF profile and access information related to UAN (Universal Account Number), Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Mobile Number and Email ID etc. They can also edit information such as their Mobile number and Email ID in this section.
    • Service History: To find information about their previous or current employer they can find the ‘Service Details’ section on the website. You can find details about the following under this section.
      • Member ID
      • Name of the Member
      • Name of the Establishment
      • Date of Joining EPF
      • Date of Ending EPF
      • Date of Joining EPS (Employee Pension Scheme)
      • Date of Ending EPS (Employee Pension Scheme)
      • Date of Joining FPS (Family Pension Scheme)
      • Date of Ending FPS (Family Pension Scheme)
    • UAN Card: The members can also view their UAN Card by logging into UAN Member Portal. UAN Card contains details such as Unique Account Number of the employee, Name of the employee, Name of the Father/Husband, KYC, QR Code and Date Stamp and is presented at the PF office at the time of offline withdrawal or transfer of funds.
    • Passbook: EPF Passbook contains information about the share of funds contributed both by employee and employer. While members can find an option of Passbook under the View tab, the facility is still not available on the portal. To view their Passbook, members need to login to the official web portal of EPFO.
  • Manage: Under the Manage tab, UAN Members can modify and manage the following services.
    • Basic Details: Members can edit contact information such as their Mobile Number and Email ID. For changing the mobile number, enter your new mobile number as you click on Change Contact Information under the Manage section and then, an authorization pin will be sent to the new number. Enter the pin in the space provided, and your number will be updated. You can use the same process to update a new email ID on the UAN Member Portal.
    • KYC: Members can also update their KYC information such as Bank Account, PAN number, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Passport etc on the e-Sewa Portal. To update the information, you need to provide the additional documents and the same should be verified by the employer.
  • Online Services: Members can avail the following online services on e-Sewa Portal.
      • Claim (Form 31, 19 and 10C): Under this section, you can claim for partial or full withdrawal of funds from PF. As per the revised guidelines, members can submit Composite form, which consists of three Forms; Form 31,19 and 10 C. To claim funds, your UAN must be linked with your Aadhar.
      • Transfer funds: Members can transfer funds from one PF account to another. However, to do that your KYC details must be updated on the website and your previous and current Bank details such as IFSC Code must also be provided in the UAN database.
      • Track EPF Claim Status: Under the ‘Track Claim Status’, members can also track the status of their EPF Claim, if they have requested for the claim.

UAN Customer Care

For any assistance related to their EPF Accounts, UAN Members can reach the UAN Customer Care team via following Contact details.

Toll-Free Help Desk Number 1800 11 8005
Email ID
Official ID
Help Desk Services Timings 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM

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How to link a UAN with Aadhaar card/number?

To link your Aadhar Number with UAN, visit UAN Member e Sewa Portal and login into the account using your UAN and password. Now, under the Manage tab, click on KYC details and now you can link your Aadhaar with UAN.

Can we withdraw PF without a PAN Number?

Yes, this is still possible to withdraw the EPF amount without using your PAN number, but the employee will be liable for a deduction for TDS at a maximum marginal rate of 34 %, and if the same amount is more than 50,000 no TDS will be applied on our amount withdrawn.

What is the Tax rate for EPF withdrawal?

If the amount is more than 50,000 there will be no tax levied on the EPF withdrawal and in other cases in normal and TDS of 10% will be applicable at the time of withdrawal. IF the PAN is not submitted, an 34 % of tax will be levied on your EPF withdrawal.

How to update your personal details at UAN portal?

Members can only update their personal details such as your mobile number and Email ID under the Manage Section on UAN Member Portal. Click on Change Contact Information under the Manage section and then an authorization pin will be sent to the new number. Enter the pin in the space provided, and your number will be updated.

How Many Times, EPF Withdrawal can be done?

There is no limit on the amount that can be withdrawn from your own EPF account. The basic eligibility its employees share, or the six times wage of the employee is to be opted. The lowest will be chosen and the same will be allowed to withdraw as per the EPFO regulations.

How to Reset Password at the UAN Member Portal?

To reset/change your UAN Member Portal click on Forgot Password in the login section and enter your UAN and Captcha code. Now, enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile number and click on Submit. Finally, enter your new password and login to the UAN portal.

Is it possible for a member to register on the e-Sewa portal for viewing his/her account?

Yes, members can view information related to their UAN (Universal Account Number), Employer Details, Member ID, Personal Details or UAN Card under the view tab. To view the details about these information they need to register on the e-Sewa Portal.

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