https //unclaimed : Delaware Unclaimed Property –

https //unclaimed : Delaware Unclaimed Property –

Thousands of Delaware taxpayers are being reunited with your missing money by the Delaware Office of Unclaimed Property’s Money Match program. Through the Money Match program, we are returning your unclaimed property funds to you, without any action required on your part.

Follow this link to learn more about the unclaimed funds being returned. If you have any additional questions about your Money Match, you may also email mo********@de******.gov, or call our office at 302-577-8782, Option #1, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for more information.



STEP 1: Navigate to the PROPERTY SEARCH page

You can access the Property Search page through the home page by hovering over UNCLAIMED PROPERTY > “Search Unclaimed Properties”, or by simply clicking the GET STARTED button in the middle of the page.

STEP 2: Type the name, or business name, to search for Property

Type the owner’s name (First name, last name, or both) or business name into the Name/Business Name field and click SEARCH. If you receive too many results, try to narrow down the search by entering a city.

Search Option Form Screen

STEP 3: Add your property and click “CONTINUE TO FILE CLAIM”

Once you’ve found the property that belongs to you, check the CLAIM button and click the CONTINUE TO FILE CLAIM button to begin the claims process.


STEP 1: Review your claimed properties

Once you have selected the property(ies) you wish to claim, select your ‘Relationship to Owner’ for each property you are claiming. For example, if you are the owner of the property, please select ‘Owner’; if you are an heir to the property’s owner, please select either ‘Heir’ or ‘Representative,’ depending on the applicable situation. This information will provide you with the appropriate details necessary to claim the property. Click FILE CLAIM.

STEP 2a: Enter your information

Complete all required fields as the claimant. This should include your current physical mailing address (NOT a post office box), as this information will be validated and used for the purpose of reuniting you with your property. Click NEXT to move to the Preview screen.

STEP 2b: Address confirmation

You may receive an additional screen that asks you to verify the address you entered. This is to ensure the complete and proper information is being used for validation of your mailing address.

STEP 3: Submit your claim

Preview all properties being claimed and verify the information you entered for completeness and accuracy. If correct, agree to the terms outlined at the top of the page and click SUBMIT to officially create / initiate your claim with the Delaware Office of Unclaimed Property. You will immediately be provided a claim number based on the information you entered. If you do not receive a claim number, your claim was not fully initiated and you will need to contact our offices.


STEP 1: Review and gather documentation requirements

Each unclaimed property claim will require a unique set of documentation to complete the claims process. Documentation can include items such as a completed, signed, and notarized claim form; high resolution, color image of a government issued photo identification; proof of current mailing address; proof of connection to the property being claimed; etc. To determine the specific documentation requirements of your claim, please review all communications sent to you from our agency an initial list can be found in Section C of the claim form you received. Upon review of your claim, additional documentation may be required.

A sample address confirmation screen.

STEP 2: Submit documentation to State

You have many options to submit the requested documentation to Delaware.

  1. Most secure and efficient method: Upload your documents via our secure link.
  2. Mail your documentation to our offices:
    State of Delaware
    Unclaimed Property Office
    P.O. Box 8140
    Wilmington, DE 19803-8140
  3. Fax in your documentation to 302-622-4115. Please note, this will not work for documentation that needs to be submitted in color.


STEP 1: View online

Enter your claim number into our Status Page to receive the most recent status updates. Your claim number can be found on your claim form and in the email you received at the time of submission.