https // : How to Access Accelerated Reader?

https // : How to Access Accelerated Reader?

To access AR, you must go on the school website click students/library resources – Accelerated Reader or click below


The Renaissance Learning website is specific to each school so please check you are using the correct website, using the links the school provides students with. Once you have followed the correct link, click ‘I am a student’.

Type in your username and password. i.e.

username: John Smith

password: ABC

Click on ‘Accelerated Reader’ and type the title of the book you have read to take a quiz.

How do I know my book has AR quiz?

Most Fiction stocks in the library have AR quizzes. This can be identified by the colour coded stickers on the spine of the book. The colour represents how easy or difficult the book is.

The result of your Star Reading Test will give you your reading age and your ZPD (Zone of proximal development) – it gives suggestions regarding the level of book which is suited to your abilities.

If you are reading your own book, you can visit Accelerated Reader Bookfinder to find out if there is a quiz. Just type the title and check that it is the correct author . Be mindful that the book covers might not look the same.

How to take the AR quiz?

When you log on, click on Accelerated Reader. Type the title of the book to take a quiz. You must read the book before you take a quiz to achieve good result.

When you click ‘Take Quiz’, it will ask how you read the book. If you read independently, you should do the test independently. If you read with someone, someone can read the questions to you but not give answers.

The ‘Start Quiz’ button will appear once you have selected one of the options. On some quizzes it will ask if you want the recorded voice on or off (the questions are read aloud).

Do your best and take your time.

Students should not use the books to find the answers.


How to take Star Reading Test?

When you log on, click on Star Reading . You need to sit where you can concentrate to get an accurate result of your reading age and ZPD. It should be an exam condition.

Take your time to read and understand the questions. There are 34 questions with multiple choice answers. You can use the mouse or use the keyboard A, B, C, or D to choose your answer.

It should take 20 to 35 mins depending on your reading ability. Do not guess the answers. Let it time out if you do not know the answer to the question.

Do your best and take your time. Ideally you should complete the test in one lesson. If you are unable to complete the test, you can stop and resume the test within a week by clicking the ‘stop test’ on the right hand corner of the page.

Good Luck!

How to search our library catalogue?

To check if we have the book you are looking for, click on Reading Cloud icon. You do not need to log on to search a book. However, You need to log on to renew or reserve a book.

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