https // login : Student Portal Overview

https // login : Student Portal Overview

The Texas Assessment Student Portal is designed to provide students and parents with online access to a student’s state assessment scores. This portal will assist a student and his or her parents with tracking assessment information throughout the student’s academic career.


The portal provides scores from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), STAAR Alternate (includes STAAR Alternate 2), the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS), and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). TAKS-Alternate scores are not available through the Student Portal.

Technical Support

If you have any questions, please contact eMetric support at or by calling toll-free (877) 829-7769.


Users will access The Texas Assessment Data Portal, Student Portal via the following URL:

Access to the portal is provided through a Unique Access Code and the student’s birth date, as provided on the student’s STAAR Report Card (SRC). The Unique Access Code contains a combination of numbers and capital letters. The Unique Access Code must be entered as it appears on the bottom of the SRC.

Refer to the example below.

Login Overview

NOTE: The Unique Access Code is designed to stay with a student throughout his or her academic career. The Unique Access Code should be safeguarded in the same way as the STAAR Report Card. Copies of the SRC with the Unique Access Code can be obtained from the student’s campus, if needed.

Follow the steps below to log in to the Student Portal.

  1. 1. Enter the following URL into a web browser. This will take you to the login page:
Login Instructions

NOTE: The date of birth used for logging in must match the date of birth on the SRC (located in the top right corner, under the student’s name). If the date of birth is incorrect on the SRC, contact the student’s campus.

If you do not know your unique access code, click on and follow these steps to look it up:

How to Lookup Access Code

A successful lookup will populate the unique access code so you can simply click Go to log in:

Successful Access Code Lookup

If you do not know your child’s PEIMS ID, or if you receive the following message, please contact your child’s school for further information about your child’s login.

Failed Access Code Lookup

Spanish Language Options

Users may change the language in which the Student Portal content is displayed from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

Select Spanish toggle iconto view content in Spanish, and select English toggle iconto view content in English. This option is available on the login page:

List Page Spanish Language Options

This option is also available from any page on the website. Once the language selection is made, all subsequent pages visited will display in the selected language. Users may click the language link again at any point to return to the default language.

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Report Page Spanish Language Options


The top half of the student report displays the assessment taken, the assessment date, the campus where the test was taken, the scale score, whether the student achieved the minimum score (this is displayed only for STAAR EOC and STAAR L EOC assessments prior to spring 2014; this is not displayed for STAAR grades 3-8, STAAR A, or STAAR Modified), the level the student achieved, as well as the student’s progress/growth, Lexile, and Quantile measures where applicable.

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