https // /staplescares : Staples Guest Feedback Survey

https // /staplescares : Staples Guest Feedback Survey

Medallia helps companies track their customers’ experiences. These companies provide Medallia with customer details, including name, email address, and details of the interaction for this purpose. Medallia does not collect this information for the company, and Medallia does not share this information with other companies.


Wrong Identity

If the survey was sent to you incorrectly, you may choose to opt your email address out of future surveys or contact the company directly to inform them of the incorrect records.

Wrong Details of Interaction

If the details of your interaction are incorrect, then you may choose to contact the company directly to report the mistake. Once a survey has been generated, the details of the survey cannot be changed. You are still welcome to complete the survey if the details of your interaction are still mostly correct.

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How can I complete an expired survey?

While it’s excited that you would like to provide your feedback, an expired survey can no longer be completed. The clients ask that surveys are completed within a certain period of time for various reasons. Once that time has passed, a survey becomes expired and cannot be completed or resent.

What If I Still Want to Provide Feedback?

If you would still like to provide feedback after your survey has expired, then you should contact the company that invited you to take the survey directly through the company’s customer service phone line or website.

Where can I find information about Medallia?

Yes! Medallia ( empowers the largest, most complex enterprises in the world to create and deliver brand-building customer experiences. The Medallia Customer Experience Management (CEM) SaaS platform ( captures data from every customer interaction across every touchpoint, analyzes that data to create actionable insights, and then delivers it to every level of the organization so that people can take action. Medallia is trusted by hundreds of brands across financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, airlines, retail, professional services organizations and technology companies.

For more information about Medallia’s Customer Feedback Management services or platform, visit

You can also download our product brochure at the following link.

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