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Online Registration

First, you have to complete the online registration by verifying your national identity card and correct mobile number through this portal.

SMS Notification

After registering online, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone mentioning the date of vaccination and the name of the vaccination center.


Subject to receiving a text message on the mobile phone, you have to appear in person at the vaccination center on the specified date with the vaccine card, national identity card and signed consent form to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Who cannot be vaccinated in this campaign?

Covid vaccine cannot be given to any person other than the target population of the registered / included in the line listing. Pregnant mothers and lactating mothers, under 18 years of age, sick and hospitalized, need to request a vaccination from the designated immunization center as advised by the doctor. Vaccination cannot be done against the will of the person.


You have to register for the vaccine in the security app. An OTP (One Time Password) comes automatically to verify the mobile number after registration. After giving it on the website, the registration process is completed. Later, the time and place of vaccination was informed by sending an SMS to the same number from the Department of Health. Vaccination is to be present there at the appointed time. Then you have to take the registration card with you.

Health department officials said registration could be done for a maximum of five family members using one phone number.

Registration is ok, but many are not getting SMS. Not only is this disturbance occurring in the case of the first dose vaccine, but also in the case of the second dose, the victims said. Due to non-receipt of SMS, after taking the second dose, there has been a deviation in receiving the vaccine certificate.

According to the Department of Health, if you have received the first dose of vaccine, you will have to go to the designated center with the card to get the second dose of the vaccine after receiving an SMS on your mobile phone after eight weeks. Even if the SMS does not go to the mobile for any reason, the second dose can be taken at the specified center after eight weeks, they said.

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