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The Karnataka government has officially opened the STS online portal. STS stands for student tracking system in its entire form. The education government has started the STS site for scholarships from 2021 to 2022. This online site is where you can apply for the scholarship. This is the most effective technique for submitting a scholarship application online. In this article, you will get information about sts login open school login Karnataka, health/login, http / login page.htm, and attendance.

Login to STS Karnataka


The student tracking system is a fantastic platform that links all students to their respective institutions. Anyone interested in using the site’s services must first register with the STS Karnataka portal. If you have previously registered for the portal, you can log in by following the steps outlined below.


o Go to the sts login open school login official website.

o Navigate to the SATS portal panel.

o Go to the sts online login page.

o Type in your login name and password.

o Confirm the captcha code and submit the form.

o You will then be led to a new page where you will be able to view your student dashboard.

How do I create a new login account?

If you wish to take use of the student monitoring system’s advantages, you must first register. The registration process is simple and crucial for both students and the Karnataka education department. You will receive a 9-digit unique number when you register for this photo, which will allow you to access all of your academic records as well as information about your Institute and yourself. If you wish to learn how to register for this portal, follow the procedures outlined below.

o Login at, the official website.

o Go to the sts karnataka gov login website panel and click it.

o Select the option for registration.

o You will now see a registration form on your screen.

o Fill up your information, such as your school and student name.

o Double-check all of your information and double-check that the information you entered is correct.

o Press the submit button.

Portal for the Karnataka Student Tracking System

The state of Karnataka has a number of educational institutions that educate millions of pupils. The Karnataka education department’s major goal is to deliver high-quality education to all children. As a result, the government has established a student monitoring system via which all students will be able to register and log in to apply for scholarships. All students must register in order for this portal’s student tracking system to work. This site, which is supported by the government, assists students in connecting with their schools or institutions. Despotic connects all of Karnataka’s schools and records academic information about pupils in their dashboard, which anyone with login access to this portal can access.

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What is the login for STS Karnataka school?

The Karnataka government launched a student tracking system for schools and kids called SATS, which allows them to track student scorecards and teachers’ records. STS school login allows students to keep track of their work and academic progress. Students can simply use the Shikshamitra mobile app to log in using this site. If you don’t know your login credentials, you’ll need to register with SATS.

SAS is a student tracking system.

With the use of the SATS app, the Karnataka education department uses a portal to track students and teachers’ records and locations. All school staff will be able to record and manage student information in this digital system with the use of the SATS system, which would be conveniently accessible by students and instructors throughout Karnataka. You must first register with Karnataka’s student tracking system portal before you can use the SATS app to log in for STS.

In student track login, what is STS Karnataka?

STS login account provides login credentials to students and staff, allowing them to access this official website and verify student support and academic performance. With the use of the SATS user id and password issued by the SATS site, all employees will be able to log in.

The goal of a student tracking system is to keep track of students.

o This portal contributes to the state of Karnataka’s excellent education system.

o It also aids the government in reducing the duplicate of school documents, allowing them to spot any student product meditations.

o This online site will be accessible to all Karnataka state school teachers and authorities.

· SATS eliminates the need for handwritten documentation to capture student and teacher information.

o The STS portal aids in the standardisation of school fee structures and the establishment of a secure payment system that parents can afford.

o If you need to pay your school fees, you can do so using the official website.

o You will also be able to see the fee structure for implements at the school level.

o After the registration process is done, this portal will automatically record and save student and teacher information.

Karnataka’s legal framework for education

The following are the new government guidelines and regulations regarding the legal fee structure of Karnataka schools.

o 50000 rupees for primary schools from 1st to 7th grade.

o The institutional fee structure is 100000 for classes 8 to 10.

o The institutional level fee structure for grades 11th and 12th is 120000.

· 7500 rupees for urban areas and 2500 rupees for rural areas. Fees for registration and processing for primary and preschools are 50000 rupees.

Note: The Karnataka government has officially declared this fee structure, which is necessary for all Karnataka institutions. This directive will be rigorously observed. Visit the official website of the STS Karnataka school portal for further information on the cost structure.

SATS sts mdm login login is what it sounds like

The official website of the government, sats mdm karnataka login portal, serves to release the newest news and notifications linked to the SSP Karnataka gov in scholarship 2021 to 2022. If you want to find out when the scholarship application deadline is, go to the SATS MDM Karnataka homepage, which has all the information you need on the scholarships offered by the Karnataka education department. Before the deadline, you will be able to apply for the sts Karnataka scholarship.

How do I use EEDS to log in?

o Go to the official sats login karnataka 2021 website.

o Go to the login module link and click it.

o Select the Login Employee Offer School option from the drop-down menu.

o Type in your username and password.

o Press the login button.

How can I fill out an application for the STS Karnataka scholarship?

You may easily apply for a login/satshealth scholarship using the login/satshealth site. Read through the instructions outlined below.

o Go to the STS login portal’s official webpage.

o Select the option for registration.

o Log in to STS with your STS username and password.

o Press the login button.

o Fill out the scholarship application form for 2021.

o Now fill out the form with your pertinent information.

o Double-check your information before pressing the submit button.

o After that, you’ll be able to pick up a physical copy of your scholarship application.

Login to – school login

If you want to learn more about the STS Karnataka school login procedure, follow the procedures outlined below.

o Go to the official sts karnataka gov sts login website.

o Select the choice for a student achievement tracking system.

o You’ll now be taken to the SATS sts login page.

o Go to the registration tab and click it.

o Go to the user registration link and click it.

o You will now see a new system user form on your screen.

o Complete the online application form.

o Next, type in the captcha code and press the submit button.

How to make an EEDS login user ID

If you’d like to create an admin login ID and password, follow the steps outlined below.

o Login to the official sts karnataka gov website.

o Type in your username and password now.

o Double-check the captcha code.

o Choose between Hindi and English as your language.

o Select the Login option from the drop-down menu.

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