https // YES Prep : Family Dashboards – YES Prep Public Schools

https // YES Prep : Family Dashboards – YES Prep Public Schools

YES Prep provides different tools to help you stay connected to how your child is performing at school. Staying connected will allow you to see if your child is on track or needs additional support in their education. If you have any questions about the applications (apps) listed below, please contact the Tech Strategy Team at If you do not have an email set up in Skyward, please contact your campus registrar.

Technology Overview for Families


Please take a few minutes to watch a few brief videos that will help you prepare for the new school year. These videos will ensure that you are familiar with how your child will be engaging with learning online.

Setting up and logging into Microsoft Teams


Class Dojo is a free online platform that allows teachers to easily connect and send messages and photos to parents (and translate them into over 20 languages), assign students values-based points for specific behaviors and track their progress towards intrinsic and extrinsic incentives.

Setting Up Skyward Family Access, Mobile App and Skylert

● Go to your child’s school and provide a valid email address. This cannot be done via phone or email for security reasons

● After your current email is entered at the school, you will receive an automatic email message from Skyward. Check your Spam folder

● Follow the directions in the email to set up your account. Subject: Family Access Account Information Email Setup Account Information

● When you login to Skyward, use the drop down menu and select Parent/Student Access.

Skyward Mobile Access App Instructions

1. Download the app from the appropriate store onto your device. The Skyward Mobile Access app is available from the iTunes Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store. This app will give parents the ability to see their child’s grades, and attendance on their mobile phone or other mobile device.

2. Set a 4-digit passcode. This code is required each time you access the app.

3. Choose Add an Account. You can search by current location, postal code or district name (Alachua).

4. Enter your Family Access Login and Password.

● You can give this account a description, such as “Family Access.” Click Save.

● Please note that the login and password credentials are saved on the device, hence the need for the passcode created above.

5. Select the Family Access module.

● Once the gradebook is available, you will be able to see your student’s grades and assignments.

● A tutorial is available in the App

Email notifications from Skyward can be set up through the desktop version of Family Access. Once logged in, click My Account in the top right hand corner. Set your email preferences at the bottom of the screen.

Skylert enables parents/guardians to receive notifications concerning your child(ren). You have control over which notifications to receive and how you would like to receive them. Update contact information here. Text notifications: If you want to receive text messages in the future, you MUST reply with a ‘Y’ or ‘yes’ to the opt-in request that was sent to your phone on August 27, 2018 or after the student enrolls.

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