https // certificate : Verify a vaccination certificate

https // certificate :

Verify a vaccination certificate

Once the Covid-19 vaccination is completed, a certificate is issued to the citizens as a proof of vaccination. The vaccination certificate has a secure QR code to protect it against falsification. The genuineness of the certificate can be authenticated from this portal.

Steps for verification

  1. Click on “Scan QR code” above
  2. A notification will prompt to activate your device’s camera
  3. Point the camera to the QR code on the certificate issued and scan
  4. On successful verification, the following will be displayed
    • Message “Certificate Successfully Verified”
    • Name
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Beneficiary Reference ID
    • Date of Dose
    • Certificate Issued: Provisional/Final
    • Vaccination at
  5. If the certificate is not genuine, “Certificate Invalid” will be displayed

Private Sector Apps can now incorporate the “Certificate verification” service to verify COVID-19 certificates generated from Co-WIN.

The following steps need to be performed to integrate with Co-WIN and verify the COVID-19 certificate.

  1. Go to reference code here
  2. Get code snippet for reference and implement
  3. Consume COWIN verification service into your application
  4. Replace the public key used in code snippet with Public key available here.

Covid Vaccine Lottery

Note: Co-WIN uses an open-source component called “DIVOC” for the certificate issuance & verification service.

How to Register or Download the Vaccine Certificate

1. First Open the Site

2. Enter your Mobile Number and click Get OTP.

3. You will receive a 6 digit OTP to your Mobile Number.

4. After entering the OTP you will go to next page where you have to enter the ID Details for Vaccination.

5. Fill out all your information on the ‘Register for Vaccination’ page including photo ID proof, check all your details before clicking on ‘Register’.

6. After registering, you will get an option to make an appointment, click on ‘Schedule’ next to the name of the person you want to schedule.

7. Select your most convenient centre with date and time and then click on ‘Confirm’.

8. You can register up to four names through one login and can reschedule your appointment.

9. If you already had the first dose of vaccination, you can download the certificate in this page.

10. You have to click the Download Certificate and download it and keep it for future use.

How it Works

1. Register to get vaccine

Register using your Mobile no. or Aadhaar no. or any other Identity docs.

2.Get Vaccinated

Visit the Vaccination centre on scheduled date and time and get Vaccination done

3. Get Certificate

Upon each vaccination event get vaccination certificate

Since Co-WIN has now been integrated with Aarogya Setu, it will mean that irrespective of the healthcare provider they use to get the Covid-19 jab, they will be saved from wading through the maze of various apps and interfaces.

According to senior officials, for the government this will mean that the Co-WIN platform that it set up can continue to be used to track beneficiary and vaccine information and ensure there is no duplication and therefore no leakages or misuse. It will also streamline the crucial process of issuing vaccination certificates that could come in handy for travel, seeking employment or returning to offices.

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