https // Login : SEDHR Punjab HRMS Login

https // Login : SEDHR Punjab HRMS Login

SEDHR Punjab portal has updated for teachers. The leave HRMS Login first for Leave of Teachers. So, teachers are happy to know about this portal. This is an easy process to apply for casual leave. I shall discuss here “how to apply for leave through the SEDHR Punjab portal. leave HRMS Login for Teachers:


Today, I shall discuss for c leave on HRMS. A question arises ” what is an HRMS”. The HRMS is a human resource management system created for teachers in Punjab SED. This SED means School education Department. So, there was difficult to apply for casual leave before. It depended on the mood of the officers. So, education minister Punjab has launched a website “

In addition, that was a glorious step for teachers. Now all teachers can apply for casual leave online. So, there is no need to clarify the mood of the officers

However, there is an option of rejecting that leave. But an officer will write a reason before rejection. Therefore, all teachers are happy to apply for leave online. This is a Punjab portal for the school education department.

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How to Apply for C Leave:

First of all, you will log in through the SEDHR Punjab HRMS login portal. All teachers have their usernames and password. So, it is an easy procedure to log in. After HRMS logging in, there are different tabs on the left side. You can see below in the image.

SEDHR Punjab Login for Leave
SEDHR Punjab Login for Leave

Log in Here>>

Leave Requests and leave applications are two main tabs for casual leave. hrms

At last, a teacher should know that the headteacher has the authority to accept or reject that leave. So, it is necessary to consult if there is no emergency. In case of emergency, contact first and then apply for casual leave online.


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