https // Hotels : Access the Rooming List

https // Hotels : Access the Rooming List

Use this page to access the Rooming List page where you can view the hotels selected for the upcoming event. Depending on the hotel, use the Reservation Phone Number or Book by Link to make a booking.

Access https //

Follow these steps to gain access:

  1. Enter the Event Code. The event code is found in the assignment letter sent to your congregation.
  2. Enter the Access Code.
  3. Click View.

When you go to, you will be taken to a page where you can choose where the meeting will take place. Click the right option in the Location drop-down menu to choose it.

Trouble Accessing Rooming List?

You may be unable to access the Rooming List due to the following:-

  • The release date for the event is still future and the Event Code is not yet active. If so, a notification will appear showing the release date.
  • The value you entered in the Access Code box is not assigned to the event.

If you continue having trouble accessing the Rooming List, others in your congregation may be able to assist. If assistance from your congregation does not solve the issue, contact the Help Desk at your branch.

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Rooming List

Use the Rooming List page to view the hotels for the upcoming event. This page displays details of the event, the date that the information on this page was updated, and the list of the hotels selected for the event.


To search for a hotel:

  • Select Not Full to see the list of available hotels.
  • For a more specific search, select More Filters to open the Filters page. Select the appropriate filters and select Apply.
  • To remove all filters, select Clear All.

On the list of hotels, use the View By box to change the sort order of the hotels

Select a hotel to view more details. Use these options to see the hotel on the map:

  • Select Directions to open Google Maps to see the directions to or from the hotel.
  • Select Show Map to open Google Maps to see the hotel location on the map.

Print List for Congregation: This option is for congregation elders to print the list of hotels for the congregation information board. When you select this option you need to log into JW Hub to print the list.

Booking Information

When making the booking:

  • Depending on the hotel, use the Reservation Phone Number or Book by Link to make a booking. Note: When you select Book by Link, you are first informed that the website that will open is not part of and is not managed by the organization. The hotel link that appears on the page helps you to verify that you have the correct hotel website. Select Continue to Site to proceed with the booking.
  • Use the Email address to ask questions or to make a booking.
  • Inform the hotel that you are coming to the event as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If a Discount Code is provided, use it when making the booking.


Rates are listed per room type. Each room type displays the rate per night based on the number of persons staying in the room.

See Additional Rates for services such as parking and breakfast

Note: Accept only the rates listed here since they have been negotiated by the organization


View the list of the Amenities of the hotel.

Note: Check with the hotel if a particular amenity is available for the booking you made.