https // : Powerschool Enrollment For Office Staff

https // : Powerschool Enrollment For Office Staff

Once your account is created, you will receive an email to create your password.  Click the link below to log in.  Your username is your email address, and your password is the one you created when you received the email.

Helping Parents/Guardians to Submit Their Forms

Getting a Snapcode for a parent:

  • Important: Be certain you are speaking with the parent.  Check caller ID vs. their contact numbers in PowerSchool, ask for details about their child, like full name, DOB, etc.  When in doubt, ask the parent to come in and present ID or snail mail them their Snapcode letter.
  • Log into PowerSchool Enrollment
  • Click Returning Students
  • Click the “Roster Workspace” tab at the top
  • Type the student’s last name into the box above the Last Name column
  • Their Snapcode will show on the screen.

 To print a Snapcode letter

  • Go to Returning Students
  • Click Roster Workspace
  • Change the view to Notified/Not Started
  • Find the student and check the box next to their name
  • Click Tasks at the top
  • Click Print Letters
  • Click Selected Only
  • Click Print All at the bottom
  • Click the blue link “View Letters”
  • Save and/or print the letter

Look at the form “Preview” while helping a parent to see their view:

  • Go to the main Dashboard by clicking “Student Data”
  • Next to the workspace they are working from (New, Returning, or Athletics), click the three dots
  • Click Preview- this will bring you to a preview version of the forms

Viewing Family Accounts and Changing Passwords:

  • Click Users on the left side menu
  • Click Family Accounts
  • Type in a First and/or last name
  • Click Find Accounts
  • Click the blue link below “Accounts Found”
  • Here you can Change their Password on the right side
  • You can see the forms in progress or submitted for each student – click a student’s name for details

Pre-Submission Workspace for Started but NOT Completed Forms

  • Click Student Data on the left, then click the New Students, Returning Students, or Athletics workspace
  • Click the tab at the top that says “Pre-Submission Workspace”.  This will show you a list of all students whose forms are not completed.

Viewing and Managing Submitted Form Data

  • Data is organized into “Workspaces”.  Our Workspaces are New Students, Returning Students, and Athletics.  You will only see the Workspaces that you need to see for your school
  • Click Student Data on the left, then click the New Students, Returning Students, or Athletics Workspace
  • Use the View drop down at the top to view different types of data including All Submissions, Pending Approval and Approved
  • Use the Tag drop down to filter data by other data points like ELL, no internet, etc.  IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that this is only showing you data for students in your current view in only this Workspace. The best way to get full reports for No Photo or other pieces of information is to log directly into PowerSchool and run reports or searches there.
  • Use the filter boxes at the top of each column to type in information and filter.  For example, type a student’s last name in the box above Last name and then click Find Records
  • Click the paper and pencil icon in the far right column to view the data entered in the forms for that student
    • If needed, you can click into a field and edit the information, then click save
    • Scroll down to view all information for the child
    • Use the Arrow buttons at the top to scroll to the next child
    • Click “Back to…” at the top left to return to the full list of students
  • The Tasks button at the top of the list of students can be used to Approve, print, export or perform other tasks for multiple students at a time.  Check the box next to students’ names to perform a task for just certain students.

To Review and Accept New Students in PowerSchool Enrollment:

  • Click New Student Registration
  • Be sure your view at the top says Pending Approval
  • Click the icon that looks like paper to the right of the student’s row
  • Look closely at the data submitted.  Be sure that the:
  • First, middle, last name, DOB and gender match the birth certificate
  • Address matches proof of residence
  • If a language other than English is selected, notify ELL coordinator
  • If a medical condition, allergy, or medication are included, notify the nurse
  • Click Approve and Continue
  • Repeat the above for the full list of students.  You can click the arrow at the top to skip over a student who cannot be approved yet.