https //public.txdpsscheduler com/ : Texas DPS – Schedule Appointment

https //public.txdpsscheduler com/ : Texas DPS – Schedule Appointment

To make an appointment, click “Make an appointment” at the bottom of the page. Existing appointments may also be canceled or rescheduled using “Edit Appointment” below.


To make a new appointment, you must acknowledge that your personal data will be stored.

Customers with appointments receive priority. All other customers will receive service on a first come, first serve basis depending on their service request.

Only same-day and next-day appointments are available (e.g., On Mondays, appointments are available for Monday and Tuesday)

Dealers, title service companies and their “runners” are not eligible to book appointments. Appointments booked by these entities will be cancelled

Driver License Services – Appointments

The Department offers all in-office driver license (DL) and identification (ID) card services by appointment only. These services include renewal transactions. Please review the following information before scheduling your appointment below.

If your driver license expired prior to April 14, 2021, and you have already scheduled an appointment, you may request a temporary license to operate a motor vehicle until your appointment date.  This extension does not apply to a Commercial Driver License (CDL) holder. In order for your request to be processed, your request will need to be submitted through our Contact Us page.  When submitting your request, please complete all of the requested fields and include the following information in the Questions section of the form:

  • Date of your appointment
  • State that you are requesting a Temporary License (requests that do not reference this will not be processed)

To qualify for a temporary license, the driver license must:

  • Be a Texas driver license
  • Be “Eligible”
  • Not be a commercial driver license
  • Not have any active suspensions or outstanding tickets
  • Have expired on or before April 14, 2021

NOTE: The temporary permit provided is a one-time only courtesy until your scheduled appointment.

Driver License Services – Appointments

The Department encourages all eligible customers to conduct their driver license services online.  For more information, please visit our webpage on Driver License Services, Extensions, Waivers, and Covid-19 Information.

To assist customers needing DL services, designated offices will offer expanded hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Fridays, through August 31, 2021.

To ensure the safety of all customers, as well as our driver license office personnel, you will be required to comply with the following for your appointment:

  • Services are by scheduled appointment only. Walk-in appointments will be available on a limited basis at all driver license office locations.
  • If you are having difficulty scheduling an appointment on a preferred day, please know all DL offices do have a limited number of same-day appointments available on a first-come, first served basis, that fill up quickly. Customers who book these appointments at the office can then leave and return at their designated appointment time. Individuals without an appointment will receive instruction and assistance in setting an appointment for a future date and time.
  • All customers visiting the driver license office are encouraged to wear a face mask or facial covering
  • Social distancing must be followed (6 feet apart)
  • Only customers will be allowed into the building, with the following exceptions:
    • ADA accommodations
    • Customers with small children
    • Elderly persons
    • Business needs (parental authorization, residency/address change, etc.)
  • Credit cards are the preferred payment. Money orders, cashier’s and personal checks will be accepted (for the correct amount)

How to Renew Your Texas Driver License, Motorcycle License or Identification Card


Most driver licenses and identification cards can be renewed up to two years before and after the expiration date. You have several convenient options to renew your Texas driver license or identification card during this time, including:

  • Online
  • By Telephone
  • By Mail, or
  • In-person at your local driver license office




  1. My appointment for 09/20/2021 (confirmation 317295369) states “apply for first time Texas DL”. This should be a renewal of my existing license. Do I need to change it?

  2. Unfriendly website!!!! Where in the world is “make an appointment” at the bottom of this page??? Governor Abbott said texas is fully open!!! Open the damn doors at the dps office then!!!!

    • Help!!! I can run a business raised 5 children but am unable to book an appointment to replace a stolen drivers license online. Very frustrating

    • In having trouble scheduling an appointment to get A Tx Real Id at the Grand Prairie DMV. The online sevices doesn’t provide options for applying for A New REAL ID, only for A New Tx Drivers License. What other way can I schedule an appointment?

  3. I clicked on class B not knowing I just need to take only the passengers written test and keep my CDL. But I don’t want to change schedule what can do to make sure I only take this test only. I just want to add the passengers endorsement to my CDL

    • I just moved from Tulsa to Texas city and need to switch my real ID ,which happens to be a CDL class A. Having problems finding out what to do

  4. When downloading the wave browser, it does NOT lead me to schedule an appt to renew my DL. Can you assist? It seems like everyone else is running into the same problem.

  5. Need an appointment scheduled but option isn’t available must renew in person every other time.Why isn’t making appointments made simple & easy instead of the run around

  6. Please email me a telephone number to contact the driver’s license office there is no option to make an appointment at the bottom of the page or contact me at 737-247-5835 I want to apply for an ID card renewal and a driver’s license for the state of

  7. First of all I agree with Steven Henry, that there is no place on the bottom of the page for an apppointment. Furthermore, I’m only available on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after 11am because I take my son to his college on Monday,Wednsday’s and Friday’s.

  8. please let know the best way to receive an appointment call me at 469-781-3035 or 972-8550530 Thank you

  9. I need an appointment to renew my license which expires in July,2022 and there is NO place that says Make appointment at bottom of this page. I also needs your address and an appointment in the early afternoon.

  10. Need help scheduling an appointment to renew my DL license, expires 08/18/22. No option at bottom of page as noted

  11. Nothing to click on to schedule appt. To renew drivers license. Please contact me at 8066796643

  12. I just want to cancel my appointment for drivers license renewal on June 6 2022. I have since already renewed my DL with a same day appt. How do I cancel an existing appt?

  13. I would like to schedule a morning appointment for today May 12, 2022.
    My phone #214-529-1735

  14. I would like to renew my license on today, Thursday May 22, 2022. I would like to have a morning appointment at 10:00am, if possible. My phone number is 214-529-1735.

  15. I have appointment today 5-20-2022 to go on internet at 7:45 to get another drivers license which I do have a copy of orginal one which was lost in mali as I was sending off for my social security card & it will not come up to how to do it. And they say it will bé September before I could get my license. So What can be done. -Constance Weathers-

  16. I need to reschedule my driver license due to illness, please give me a new appointment later this month of June,

  17. I would like to renew my license on today, Thursday June 9, 2022. I would like to have a morning appointment at 10:00am, if possible. My phone number is 214-529-1735. Could you plesse text me to let me know my appointment time. Thank you

    Constance Weathers says:

  18. i am trying to get my d.l. reinstated in Florida and need either a copy of my Texas record or something stating that there is no record.

  19. This service for an appointment is very confusing to me. My wallet was stolen along with my driver’s license and I do have a police report. I need a license replacement asap and need an appointment at the Dallas LBJ location but don’t see how this is accomplished online. Please call me at 214-908-7393. Thank you

  20. Need to make an appointment to renew my license in Canton. I’ve been to numerous websites and made multiple phone calls and can’t seem to get anywhere.

  21. i need to renew my DL before August 1, 2022. I have been trying very unsuccessfully for a long time now to do that and cant get anywhere on line. It tells me i need to make an appoinment on line but i am not able to do so. Please help in some way.

  22. Hello, I need to schedule an appointment to renew my TX DL… There is no where for me to make an appointment online please help

  23. Where do I go to set up an appointment? I will be 79 when my license is renewed.
    If this is how you do it Email me.

  24. This website sucks we have there is no where to show we can make a appointment. It just keeps taking u to different links and ads. Sucks!

  25. This is RIDICULOUS!!! Why do you need to make renewing your license so hard!!! How do we make an appt??? I see nothing on this site that allows you to do that??? I can’t get a hold of areal person, could someone, anyone tell me how to get an appt scheduled!!!!!?????

    • I need to come in to Waxahachie and renew my DL address before end of this month! Please send me a date and time for an appointment.

  26. Please send me a date and time to make a address change for this month. I need to have this done by the end of this month September 2022.

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