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Rather than using pay and display machines, APCOA Connect allows you to pay for your parking securely, by credit or debit card via your mobile phone at

APCOA Connect

You can now search, book and pay for parking online with a few clicks. Download the application, choose your location and park, without the hassle of queueing in line for a machine, or rushing off to a local shop for change! You can also extend parking via the App. (if your location allows) without having to return to the Parking Meter, allowing you to stay focused on what matters to you.


Download the APP

APCOA Connect Features include the following:

– Create new User Accounts
– Pay for Parking
– Set Parking Reminders
– Extend Parking Sessions
– Manage Accounts
– Manage Vehicles
– Add or change your registered payment card
– Locate your nearest or most recent parking

All you need to do is download the app, and you can buy parking within seconds.

APOCA Connect works within hundreds of UK locations and processes millions of transactions per year. It is fast becoming a driving force within the Cashless Parking Market place.

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What payment methods are available within the car parks?

Our car park attendants are not authorised to take payments for Parking Charges or Parking Charge Notices. Our facilities offer a number of payment methods to pay for your parking, including cash and card services. We also offer a more convenient way to pay for your parking via our automated telephone line or by registering for our APCOA Connect app compatible with mobiles, tablets and Smart phones. APCOA Connect offers a number of smarter ways to pay such as Auto Pay and Late pay options.

Is the car park safe and secure?

Most of our car parks have been awarded the Safer Car Park award. The car park may be monitored by CCTV. Instead of relying solely on the car park attendants, CCTV cameras monitor the car parks. CCTV images may be also monitored on-site by our APCOA staff who may be in attendance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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