https // Login : How do I Register for OnRamps?

https // Login : How do I Register for OnRamps?

OnRamps is dedicated to preparing students and teachers for success in an evolving educational landscape—meeting their needs and the needs of partnering school districts, colleges, and universities where they are at.


Since the inaugural academic year of 2012-2013, OnRamps has been offering dual enrollment and distance education to high school students to engage in authentic college experiences and earn college credit while in the familiarity of the high school setting.

OnRamps adapted its design to become more aligned with emerging needs of students and educators. OnRamps grew its course offerings from a single Computer Science course to include Precalculus and English. Additionally, OnRamps developed its training for high school teachers to become a robust yearlong professional learning and development experience, offered in-person and virtually, that supports meaningful outcomes for teachers to deepen their understanding of course content and advance instructional approaches to student learning.


On the UT EID self-service page, choose Get a UT EID. Complete the form. Be sure to include an email address!

If you are prompted to claim a UT EID, and you think it could be yours, claim it! If you don’t remember the password, call OnRamps Support for help.

Select your password reminder questions and create a secure password.

A seven-letter word, four numbers, and a special character will meet the requirements for a secure password. Example: college2020! (Don’t use your name or your birth year–or the example!)

Memorize your UT EID and password.

You will use it all year to log in to the OnRamps Portal and Canvas.

If you write it down, keep it in a secure place.


1. Use your UT EID and password to log in to the OnRamps Portal.

2. If you’re a new OnRamps student, click Create my Profile. If you’re a returning student, click View/Update My Profile.

3. Complete the profile information and click Submit.

4. Next, click Register for a Course.

5. Choose your district, school, course, teacher, and section from the drop-down menus.

6. Ask your teacher if you don’t know what section to choose. Click Submit.

7. You will be directed to the Additional Information page, where you will enter your local student ID number, parent/guardian email address if you are under the age of 18, and indicate whether you receive content-area accommodations.

8. Once the page is complete, click Submit.

9. You will be directed to the Current Enrollments page and will receive an email confirming your registration.

Person with OnRamps shirt on showing the UT Longhorns sign with their hand


1. Click CANVAS LOGIN at the bottom of the Current Enrollments page in the OnRamps Portal to log in to Canvas.

2. Or, go to the website above and log in with your UT EID and password.

3. In Canvas, you will see your high school course, college course, and orientation.

4. Complete Orientation, which counts for at least 1% of your college grade.

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